When asked about the original sugar-free gum, Trident earns its name as one of the initial brands to have existed in the market since 1964. As time has gone on, they’ve introduced a wide variety of tastes.

The Trident gum is generally available in three different flavors: the original Trident, the Multilayered Trident (has two or more flavors layered upon each other), and the Burst or Splash Trident (the inside of it is filled with a gel-like flavored liquid).

Apart from these, there are several other varieties of Trident gum, available in different parts of the world. Trident Soft, for example, is a long, thin variety that’s unique to the UK.

Naturally, the company produces a variety of tastes and textures of the gum. Yet, have you ever thought, how many of them contain “mint” as a component? A minimum of seven! In what way can there be so many diverse flavors of the same flavor of gum?

Discover more about it by reading along. Let’s get started

1. Peppermint Swirl Gum

How does Trident describe their product: Have you ever tried a gum that knocks your teeth out of your mouth?

This is another flavor of the Trident Splash, but this time with a more thick coating on the exterior and some super cool minty gel-like liquid on the interior, as the name suggests. Although the gum’s gel-like liquid core is one of its core USP, it only lasts for a few moments. Fortunately, the exterior is also reasonably good.

This peppermint flavor is exactly what you’d expect it to be. The chewing gum tastes like one of those cherry red mid flavored candies you get at high-end restaurants that usually leave muck on the teeth.

2. Cool Mint and Melon Fresco Gum

How Trident describes their product: Trident did not introduce the lemon and mint flavor until recently, as they were unsure how it would work out. But surprisingly, the two of them go well with each other.

With this new flavor of Trident, you can experience both minty and citrus flavors. Even though Trident had their concerns, it turned out to be a good idea to combine these two flavors. You will like chewing on this gum because it is just refreshing and fruity enough to give you something a little extra.

3. Splashing Mint Gum

How does Trident describe their product: We use precise laser equipment to infuse mint taste into this gum flavor.

As for Splashing Mint, this gum can be described as a more intense Wintergreen with a hint of Spearmint. The flavors of this particular Trident gum also tend to last more in the mouth than other gums. It also has a much softer feel than the different Trident varieties.

4. Minty Sweet Twist Gum

How does Trident describe their product: A refreshing and dynamic experience for your taste buds

It has a pleasant, cold, and refreshing flavor to it. Minty Sweet Twist is a fusion of about 75 percent Spearmint and 25 percent Wintergreen. There aren’t many places that stock it anymore, so if you find it anywhere, make sure to give it a try — we promise you won’t be disappointed.

5. Original Mint Gum

How does Trident describe their product: This has a very innovative look yet the content inside is next to the original. Trident’s Original Mint Gum is simply fanciful!

President Carter declared Trident Original gum as the signature gum of the White House in 1980. He sure was a fan of the combination of mint, cinnamon, and spearmint in this multi-flavored mint gum. The Trident Wintergreen and the Original are quite identical in packaging, so be careful while purchasing for Trident.

6. Spearmint Gum

How does Trident describe their product: It’s best to stock up on these before trying this gum because you are indeed in for a ride.

Despite its sweeter flavor than different kinds, spearmint is a type of mint. Sweet-toothed people will love it (don’t worry, it is sugar-free). Because of this, it’s a wonderful motivation to enjoy it too!

7. Wintergreen Gum

How does Trident describe their product: Great for fresh breath, often known as ‘kissing sticks’

Wintergreen isn’t truly a mint flavor; it’s a whole separate species on its own. Wintergreen’s essence is responsible for its “cooling” taste. Significant amounts of the wintergreen oil could be toxic, while tiny concentrations create a minty flavor and scent. There’s no danger in taking a few sips of Trident Wintergreen.

Are chewing gums good for us?

That’s the seven different variations of Trident mint-flavored gum. Gum isn’t only good for taste or to keep your mouth busy; it’s also good for your health. Here below are some of the perks of chewing gum-

  • Strengthens your oral muscles.
  • The digestive system gets improved.
  • Removes odors from the mouth
  • This product helps clean gums and teeth (however, only minimally, shouldn’t misuse it as a substitute for regular brushing your teeth or flossing)
  • As a result, the likelihood of overeating is reduced.

Enjoy some of the tasty Trident gum and tell us how you feel about them, but first comment on your favorite flavor!