If you thought live streaming your wedding to your intended guest list is cool enough, then what would be your level of excitement if someone told you that the same can be done even from your own personalized wedding website? Instead of asking your guests to download some random video conferencing app to attend your wedding virtually, couples can make use of the provision of hosting their wedding live stream on their exclusive wedding website.

Here are 7 facts that will definitely make you a fan of the wedding website hosted virtual wedding.

It’s Complimentary!

Tech startups like Wedding Wishlist allow couples to choose a wedding website of their choice from their many available templates all for free provided couples use their platform to live stream the wedding. It’s a double bonanza for the couple as they not only get a website to host their wedding live stream but also at no additional cost.

Uniform Wedding Theme

It is only fair that couples expect a common theme in terms of colour and design for all things related to their wedding. Most of the wedding portals nowadays provide websites with matching wedding invites both printed and digital in line with the couple’s tastes and preferences. Therefore the wedding live stream can be hosted on a themed website complementing all other wedding related stationery.

Makes it Functional

Streaming your wedding on your own website makes it the one stop shop for anything wedding related. If guests are looking for any specific information regarding your wedding like the date, events planned and the live stream details, a dedicated website makes their job much easier as everything is made available at a single source.

Integrated Gift Registry

Having a virtual wedding on your personalized website also enables you to have your free wedding gift registry. Guests no longer have to worry about what to gift as the couples’ dream wishlist is there for everyone to see on the website and each one can decide as per their budget and conveniences.

Guestbook Facility

For guests who feel obliged to leave a special message for the couple after virtually attending their wedding, the guestbook option comes in handy for doing the same. The couples’ too will have a compilation of all such notes which they can go back to anytime for reference purposes.

Share your story with guests

A dedicated wedding website also gives a sneak peek for the guests into the story behind two people taking their relationship to the next level by solemnizing their marriage. This will be a refreshing change for guests who are caught unawares, as the engagement factor increases and makes the wedding an event to look forward to.

Support for multiple platforms

Most wedding portals offer to host the couple’s wedding live stream on their website through any of the popular platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, YouTube, Discord, Jio Meet etc. They also provide the necessary technical support for dealing with issues that may crop up along the way, thus making it one less thing to worry about in their weddi