Managua is the capital city of Nicaragua, Diverse and natural, Nicaragua is still untouched with jungles, active volcanoes, and plenty of things to do. Make your reservations through Spirit Airlines reservations and book your tickets now to Managua!

Old Cathedral of Managua

The old Cathedral in Managua was formed in 1920 after being badly damaged by an earthquake, the old church still survived. This led to the construction of the New Cathedral known as Cathedral de la Concepción in Managua. The facade and bell tower of the Cathedral looks grand and stunning from afar. It is within the radius of Parque Central, which is the central town square. Around the Old church, there are a lot of important buildings that you would love to visit like you have the Palacio de la Cultura – a museum of culture and art in Nicaragua. Other beautiful structures are the Palacio de Los Heroes de la Revolucion and Palacio Presidenti all. A visit to the old cathedral is certainly worth it if you visit Managua and not only for the church but to visit important sights nearby.

 Loma de Tiscapa

Loma Tiscapa was a site of Somoza’s Presidential intercontinental which now has become a pleasant view of the city. A statue stands on the highest point behind the Intercontinental Hotel which not only gives a bustling view of the city but also overlooks the view of the Tilcapa Volcanic lagoon. You can do a canopy tour across the lake.

Teatro Nacional Ruben Dario

The theatre exterior displays the humble yet grand hall of Ruben Dario National Theatre, Nicaragua’s premier exhibition space. The hall is red velvet made and luxurious which pays homage to Managua’s cosmopolitan roots. It is a pure combination of American and Spanish design.

Arboretum Nacional

There are about 200 different species of trees and wildlife. You would find the trails for the perfect nature walk and right in the center is a small piece of land that has been converted into a Garden. Tourists can read a book, take walks around the garden, and relax in the National park.

Corn Islands

If you wish to relax near a beach, gold sand affairs, and clear water, Corn Island is a place to be! Tourists usually rent bikes to move around the beach. Boat rides are also available for people to tiny corn island which has some accommodation and eating options. You can walk around the tiny island in an hour. People who wish to explore coral reefs usually go to the tiny island for diving.

Masaya Volcano

South of Nicaragua lies the Country’s largest national park, Masaya volcano which is also a must-visit in Managua. You can visit this active volcano by parking right around the edge and look down the crater of the volcano where you can see the molten lava. It is definitely a sight to see glowing bubbling lavas that are created inside the pit. The volcano can be a day trip from Managua.

Cerro Negro

If you are an adventurer and want to get your adrenaline rush Cerro Negro is where you should head. It is one of the youngest and active volcanoes in the world. Last erupted in 1999, people usually volcano surf which is surfing on the downside of the volcano’s black ash. The trek is about 40 minutes long to get up the hike and surf down from there.

Mombacho Volcano Nature Preserve

Mombacho is a dormant volcano unlike the Cerro Negro, it is a unique cloud forest landscape that covers approximately 2500 acres and has preserved wildlife around this volcano. It is surrounded by farms and coffee plantations, the landscape is beautiful. The reserve is known for its vibrant, colorful, and fragrant ambiance, with more than 800 species of plants growing here. There are also more than hundreds of animal species making this forest a home-like Mombacho as the name suggests, Green quetzal birds and white-faced monkeys. The reserve inhabits tourist centers where you can choose a guide for yourself to hike around the four volcanic craters and explain in detail about Managua’s history of active volcanoes.

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