The use of a spy app to monitor the minor’s life activities and to keep a strict eye on the employees through a company-owned device is a popular trend nowadays. The pandemic has made it a necessary measure as with teenagers stuck at home and employees working from home it is necessary to step up the monitoring game. With increase screen time at home, teenagers have been involved with all kinds of online stuff, and it’s the responsibility of parents to know about their digital life. Similarly, employees should not take work from home as some kind of vacation and this change must not affect their overall productivity.  To handle all that we are here to introduce you to one of the best spyware for android the OgyMogy.

The android spy app offers versatile features thus it can be your secret business partner as well as a helping hand in taking good care of your kids especially teenagers. The use of a spy app can even mend your broken relationship with your child as you can know all about their secret life, fears, and problem.

Incoming And Outgoing Record:

The call log feature let the user have remote access to all the incoming and outgoing call record fo the target. All the information is saved with complete timeframe data so technically the whole cellular call system of the target is in remote control of the user.

Listen to Spam Call:

In case you are worried about all the spam calls your teenager receives or want to track any long late-night call then this feature is for you. You can listen to all the calls and conversations very easily with the call recording feature of the spy app.

Know how About Code Language:

The teen and young generation prefer texting as it is easier and offer privacy. Moreover, the emoticons and code language have made it more secretive and mysterious as well. But the spy app lets the user check the text content of the target device. Even if the text message record is deleted from the device, the spy app will keep a copy of the record for the user.

Alerts About Movements:

The safety and protection of every teenager is the top preference of every parent. You can’t just keep them locked inside forever. Use the GPS location tracking feature and track the real-time location of the target person whenever you want. This feature is very useful to know about any secret hideout or party place of the teenager or to track any suspicious meeting place of the employees.

Direct Access to Screen:

Direct access to the screen can let the user know all about the digital activities so of the target person, be it a teenager or an employee. The spy app lets the user make surprise visits or save information in the form of snapshots or short videos.

Remote Control To App Store:

With access to a smart device, an app store one can install any kind of app to its device. This is alarming as any app contain sexual content or a dating app can be harmful to a teenager’s mindset. The spy app lets the parents keep a check on all the apps installed on the teenager’s device. Make sure your kid is not too much obsessed with any creepy game.

Keep Control Of The Wild Web:

Internet no doubt is one of the most useful technology but the aftermath of its excessive use some time become unbearable as well. You can track all the web browser activities of the teenager to find any triggering matter. Moreover, this feature can be used to discourage the visit of entertainment sites like sports or shopping websites during the official hours by the employees.

No doubt OgyMogy is one of the best spyware for android. Not just for android, the mac and windows spy app version can be used for desktop laptop and tablet monitoring as well. The features are offered in the form of a bundle so select the bundle that contains most of the desired features. The installation process needs one-time physical access and it takes just 3-5 minutes to install.