The Covid time was harsh on all of us. Most importantly, it affected the kids in the worst possible way. The pandemic is behind all the misdoing, from spoiling their education and learning to mess up their routine. Parents still cannot forget when the school went close and their kids deprived of education were spending all-time on phones and gadgets playing games. The kids got so used to this unlikely routine that now, they are struggling to come back to track when things have come to normal.

After the immense educational loss, the schools are not ready to compromise on studies with extra activities, nor can the parents afford their children to waste time playing. These fortuitously imposed restrictions and strictness have left the kids exhausted. There has to be something that could provide them entertainment alongside academic learning to cheer up their lives. Below this article incorporates a range of games that your child can play from their return to school. These games can offer them quality leisure time and a learning experience too.

  1. Flipping pancakes fractions

This game is an absolute treat for the primary students. If your kids are tired of studies, flipping pancake fractions will not just bless them with satisfaction but will also boost their mental math.

You have to flip the correct fraction of pancakes displayed on the screens to progress in the game. This game is super exciting and helpful for your kid’s brainstorming. Flipping pancakes will undoubtedly turn your child into a math expert. You can play this free game online and have a blast.


  1. Hay day

For children who keep a considerable interest in farming and exploring activities, this game is a perfect choice for them. It is a free-to-play unblocked game that is extremely popular among players because of its diverse, fun content. With millions of players accessing this game, you can set numerous records. Hay day gives you the ultimate farming experience, in which you perform mining activities, raise animals and eventually customize your farm. It is an easy way to destress your kids. You can play this game on all android and iOS platforms.


  1. Piano tiles

If your child’s interest leans towards music, piano tiles are here to serve them with the ultimate pleasure. The developer of is this game deserves praises for creating such innovative content that offers entertaining gameplay to the young players. This game provides equal contentment to the elders, not just young kids.

You have to click the consecutively rising columns of piano tiles moving on the screen. Every touch on the tile will produce a soothing musical tune, taking all the stress and anxiety away. The tricky part is that you cannot skip any fast-moving tile to continue with the game. If you do this, the vocals will stop making you lose. You can download this game and enjoy it on your smartphone.


  1. 4 in a row mania

For kids who prefer the online solace games on computers rather than the downloadable ones on smartphones, this strategic game serves you a divining and fun playtime. By accessing this game from Unlimited Gamez Mo – Medium to ad-free amusement, you can taste the essence of genuine happiness.4 in a row mania is a competitive multiplayer video game that your child can play without any hassle or inconvenience. It is a two-player game that you can play and challenge your friends. By connecting the similar colored pieces in a grid, you can outsmart your opponent. You will see a visible improvement in your child’s intelligence and competing skills.


  1. Dark riddle

Does the idea of solving a mystery excite you? In that case, the dark riddle is here to sort you entertainment-wise. The never-ending playtime to the naughty fun it offers makes it a must-try for individuals. The gameplay requires you to search for mysterious objects within the enemy’s houses and settings.


It would be best to explore various hidden things to ace the game. You can also perform a mischievous act like avoiding the character’s interference by throwing retro weapons for the sake of fun. Apart from this, there is a lot to survey and explore in this game. You can also buy some items to make your experience worthy.


  1. Hangaroo

It is a puzzle game with an outstanding concept and gameplay. Hangaroo is like a hangman game that the kids play on boards and papers with their cousins and friends. Unlike hangman, where you have to the missing letters in the word, hangaroo requires you to identify the hidden phrase with help the hints provided.

The kangaroo makes a funny, angry expression on your wrong guess or failure and hangs as a punishment for your actions. This game is quite creative in enhancing your kid’s general knowledge and mental capability. Hangaroo is a free-to-play game that you can enjoy on your PCs, phone, or even tablets. It is a pretty old game that is still very popular and cherished.


  1. Eight ball pool

If you are a sports-loving person and look for the sporty elements in the games, then eight ball pool is can also prove a viable option to you. An actual mind-blowing game that makes you a better player and equips you with the live game basics. Eight ball pool is a two-player board match that requires the players to direct the balls in the respective pockets with the help of cue sticks.


You can challenge your friends online via Facebook and showcase your pro skills. You can also unlock multiple cue sticks and simultaneously earn coins with exceptional performance. The drill of this pool match is to target the last black ball in the pocket to defeat your opponent. To make this downloadable game more thrilling, you can play trick shots.


  1. Penguin dinner

Have you ever wondered about owning a restaurant? Penguin dinner is a real experience for the dreamers of this idea. It is a very cool game that is unique and famous. In this, all you have to do is help the penguins run their restaurant efficiently to avoid the guests from long waits for their food to arrive. You have to proceed systematically in this game to collect a sufficient amount of money at the end of the day.

Your first task is to note down the customer penguin’s order. Next, you need to deliver the order to the chef penguin to prepare it within time. Lastly, you have to serve the order at the tables to make the guest happy. Throughout the game, you need to show alertness and be quick to make your business successful. It is a free-to-play game that you can play on your laptops and computers for a better experience.


Final verdict

Online games or downloadable games are a great addition to the entertainment industry. In the absence of these, lives sound so dull. The games mentioned above are ideal for kids to break from the regulations. The no in-app purchase in some of these games is a cherry on top. We hope that this article was helpful and informative. Don’t forget to share your feedback.