Video streaming is becoming the go-to media for many with every passing year.

According to research by Statista and PwC, in 2020, video streaming revenue amounted to over 24 billion USD! This has further increased owing to the ongoing pandemic, due to which many found themselves stuck in their homes, with fewer options for entertainment.

Within the world of video-streaming, movies are an excellent stress-buster.

After a hectic day, doesn’t it feel great to escape all worries by distracting your mind and watching a fun movie? The good news is that in 2022, nothing can be easier than streaming your favourite movies online.

Whether you want to watch Clueless for the umpteenth time or enter the world of Star Wars again, there are many free movie apps out there that will help you. Here are the top five you can try.

  1. Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a relatively new streaming platform. The app works on various mobiles, including Android and iOS. The app is a streaming service provided by NBC. It has a wide collection of movies – 40,000 hours worth of material, to be exact.

Whether it hits like The Office or new tear-jerkers like This is Us, you will find a variety of TV shows on the platform and popular movies. The app earns its revenues via ads since the service is free to subscribe to. At most, you will have to see five minutes of ads for one hour of content watched.

The only downside of this app is that it is available only in the US. Therefore, if you reside outside of the country, you will have to avail yourself of a VPN service to access the platform.

We are sure you will want to watch behind-the-scenes and bloopers of your favorite movies and videos if you are like us. Here, solutions like Quick Clips offered by AirG can come in handy. That’s right, the AirG reality of today is that it is much more than a communication-based solution provider!

  1. Tubi TV

Tubi TV’s catalogue of movies and TV shows is quite extensive. The good thing about the app is just how organized it all is. You can easily filter your search based on genres like romance, non-fiction, comedy, etc.

Also, if you are one of those who like jumping onto trending bandwagons, the app has a section illustrating popular movies as well. The streaming quality is great, with HD prints available for most movies for a quality streaming experience.

And if you love watching foreign content (hello, to any Korean movies fans!), then you will also appreciate the subtitle feature of the app. To have a customized experience, you must log in to the app. This way, you can add movies you want to watch to your wish list and access your history across devices.

  1. OneBox HD

One of the biggest drawbacks of watching movies through most of the free apps available is that they tend to only have old movies. This won’t be a problem for those of you who like re-watching the classics.

But, for the rest of the movie buffs who want to watch the recent releases, the free movie app that will be of most use to you is OneBox HD. This app contains a variety of the latest shows and movies.

Here too, you can filter your search based on genre. But, apart from fiction, you can also look at its collection for history and documentaries.

Apart from streaming the app with internet connectivity, the best thing about OneBox HD is that it comes with a download feature. In other words, you can download your favourite movie and watch it on the go whenever you want, without incurring any fee.

The app also supports Google Chromecast, thereby allowing you to watch your favourite films on Smart TV as well. The app is available for Apple TV, iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

  1. Freeflix HQ

What if your computer or device does not support a given player provided by the streaming app? Well, in the case of Freeflix HQ, you will have an option to switch to other links – until you find one that works best on your device and the internet.

The usual resolution offered by the platform is 720p, although discrepancy may be observed in some movies, depending on when they were released. Apart from TV shows and movies, you can use Freeflix to also watch sports and anime!

The pros of using this free streaming platform are its smooth interface as well as the extensive subtitle support offered. You get access to subtitles from 50 different languages to put things into perspective!

The app comes with a parental control feature that would help you restrict your children from accessing the R-rated movies on the platform.

  1. Movie Anywhere

Another app that offers a variety of links for watching movies is Movie Anywhere. Its catalogue has hundreds of movies, each of which is in HD quality as well.

To enhance your movie selection and watching experience, each movie is accompanied by short descriptions of the content, trailer, and movie rating. This way, you can make an informed decision and not waste your time by selecting the wrong film!

Apart from offering multiple free links for different movies, Movie Anywhere also lets you know which paid apps have the available media. So, if you are hunting for a movie desperately, you can use Movie Anywhere as a search tool to know which paid service you should subscribe to.

Ending Remarks

Be very careful when selecting free apps. After all, most of them feature fishy links and pop-up ads. To ensure that you have a safe experience online, it is better to first search about a given app before accessing it.

With the five free movie apps we mentioned above, rest assured that your personal information and data are secure. Choose any of them, select a movie and grab some popcorn. Let the movie night commence!