Aruba with kids is an ideal destination to have a great time. Aruba, the country of the Kingdom of Netherlands, is one of the most popular countries in the world in terms of art, culture, and tourism. Aruba is also known as the most kid-friendly country in the world.

It has many exciting museums, palaces, beaches, amusement parks, children’s parks, and kid-fun zones. Moreover, some tourist attractions charge zero or half costs for children’s admission. 

If you’re planning to visit Aruba this year with your kids and family, we can help you in finding the best fun things that you all can thoroughly enjoy. 

So are you ready to know more about the major kid attractions in Aruba? Let’s begin the fun;

  • Tour to Aruba butterfly farm

Kids of all ages love to visit this peaceful butterfly farm, where they get a chance to see delicate yet gorgeous species of butterflies like Monarch, Banded Yellow, Little Yellow, Hanno Blue, and more. Aruba butterfly farm also provides a farm tour that brings kids closer to butterflies and their environment. Also, there is a butterfly library where you can find many interesting facts about butterflies and their life. Aruba butterfly farm has a giant green area where you can set up your picnic tent with due permission of authorities. 

Whenever you visit the Aruba butterfly farm, don’t forget to click those tiny creatures on your camera. It also has several photographic spots where you all can have a cute family photograph. If you book any Aruba vacation package, you must check whether they provide a tour to Aruba butterfly farm or not? If not, tell them to add this to your package. 

Location: J.E Irausquin Boulevard, Noord, Aruba

Best time to visit: 08:30 am to 04:30 pm

Tour cost: $8 for kids between the ages of 4 and 16, and Free for kids aged between 1 and 3

Contact number: 1-800-862-7822

  • Visit Aruba’s Ostrich Farm

What do you think about watching the world’s largest bird live? Your kids will be going mad after seeing Ostrich in front of their eyes at Aruba’s Ostrich Farm. Aruba’s Ostrich Farm is the perfect place for kids to see the Ostrich and other native birds in their natural habitat. Give your kids a chance to feed Ostrich by their hands. It would be the most engaging and unforgettable experience that you and your family could get.  Visiting Aruba’s Ostrich Farm is known as one of the most fun family activities in Aruba to do along with kids. 

Here you can also feed and watch Emus, Peacock, and Lizards and even be able to hold a baby ostrich or an emu egg!

It also has an indoor restaurant Savana, that serves delicious food that your kids will love to have. After a tiresome day, you can have a family lunch at this restaurant. 

Location: Matividiri 57, Paradera, Aruba

Best time to visit: 10 am to 03 pm 

Entry cost: $14 per adult and $7 for kids

Contact number: (+297) 585-9630

  • Plan a Day Trip to De Palm Island

De Palm Island is one of the best family adventure spots in Aruba. This small islet island is close to Aruba Island and easily accessible by ferry, which takes just five to ten minutes to drop you at De Palm Island. From a compelling water park and guided snorkel excursions to thrilling banana boat rides, De Palm Island is perfect for children of all ages! Between island activities, you can relax in the beachside restaurant and savor a hot lunch, refuel at the snack bar with hot dogs, fries, and burgers at De Palm Island. 

Location: De Palm Island Ferry Terminal

Best time to visit: 10 am to 05 pm 

Entry fee: $109 De Palm Island One day Package

Contact number: +297 522-4400

  • Explore the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary

Aruba Donkey Sanctuary is probably one of the unique sanctuaries in the world, where you can see numerous donkeys in a single place. For a fun family day, Aruba Donkey Sanctuary is the ideal place to spend some hours feeding and hugging innocent donkeys. Aruba has deep connections with donkeys, and to protect their race, Aruba Donkey Sanctuary was established in 1997. Aruba donkey sanctuary provides a short-hour family-guided tour where your family and kids can feed donkeys and click several photos. It also has a few gift shops and galleries, from where you can purchase toys and other stuff related to donkeys. 

Location: Bringamosa 2-Z, Santa Cruz, Aruba

Best time to visit: 09 am to 047 pm 

Entry fee: Free

Contact number: +297 593 2933

  • Enjoy Family Fun at Splash Park Aruba

Have you ever heard kids refuse to go to water or amusement parks? Splash Park Aruba is one of the most favourite fun places among kids and their families. Its giant water slides and thrilling fun rides make Splash Park Aruba an ideal fun spot for kids. Splash Park also hosts many fun events for kids like magic, dance, and music shows. Visiting Splash Park is the best thing to do in Aruba with kids. 

Once your kid reaches Splash Park, they can either choose water rides or brunch at the in-house restaurant and maybe both for more enjoyment. 

Location: Surfside Beach city: Oranjestad

Best time to visit: 09 am to 05 pm 

Entry fee: $100-$150

Contact number:  +297 594 1002

  • Spend an Afternoon at Eagle Beach

After doing thrilling activities, it’s time to sit and relax for a while. Eagle beach is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Aruba with numerous beachside cafes and restaurants, where you can enjoy delicious food with your family and kids. Kids can also enjoy poolside games, live music shows, and live streaming kid shows. 

The long sandy beaches provide a large space for kids to play volleyball and badminton at the beach. Also, when the sun goes down, you will get a chance to capture the breath-taking sunset view. 

Location: Eagle Beach, Aruba

Best time to visit: 04 pm to 11 pm

Entry fee: Free 

Contact number: 1-800-862-7822

  • Take a Whirl on an Atlantis Submarine

Kids love underwater activities so much and Aruba offers the best underwater fun at Atlantis submarine. It will be great fun for children of all ages, this subaquatic vessel dives to the depths of the Caribbean Sea to display Aruba’s rich marine life.  Kids get amazed after seeing coral reefs, fishes, turtles, and even sharks and dolphins. As one of the best family activities in Aruba to do, this expedition is the perfect underwater experience for kids who can’t do scuba diving and snorkeling at Aruba’s beaches. 

Location: L.G. Smith Boulevard 82, Oranjestad, Aruba

Best time to visit: 08 am to 05 pm 

Entry fee: For adults $105 and kids $79

Contact number:  +297 522 4500

  • Feed Wildlife at Philip’s Animal Garden

Yet another amazing fun thing to do in Aruba with your kids and family is visiting Philip’s Animal Garden. Animals are known as the best friends of kids. If your kids are fond of animals, Philip’s Animals Garden is an ideal spot for them to see them closely. Your kids can get a chance to feed and touch the animals. All animals are human-friendly in Philip’s Animal Garden. Feed baby goats from a bottle, spot a kangaroo from a distance, and even see a howler monkey too!

Location: Alto Vista 116, Noord, Aruba

Best time to visit: 09 am to 06 pm 

Entry fee: $20-$25

Contact number: +297 593 5363

Wrap up the discussion 

Traveling with kids is not as easy as it sounds. Pampering them during the trip is the most difficult task to do. But here, we make this task even simpler. These top eight things can bring a smile to your kid’s face and this is gradually enough to make your day. Exploring Aruba with kids is now easy for you. Bring them to these above eight mentioned places, and we assure you that they will never forget their trip to Aruba.