Are you looking for some fun things to do in Greenville? Greenville is home of beautiful and iconic attractions and things to do. There are so many things for people of all ages and which are open for all. If you are thinking of booking an allegiant airlines ticket but confused about activities in Greenville we have listed some of the best activities exclusively for you.

The Swamp Rabbit’s Trail

People who love to walk in nature or want to explore on foot should come here. This trail is 20 miles long and in the middle of the way there are amazing views and resting points. It is countable in one of the most beautiful places. You can also come here in a group to watch sunset or sunrise views. Check the official site for allegiant airlines booking.

Visit the Roper Mountain Science Center

A visit to this science center is absolutely fun. The Roper Mountain Science Center has mind blowing view corners.  There is also a beautiful nursery which makes it an ideal and perfect destination for everyone. Those who are travelling with kids must visit this location. The reason is that they have interesting activities for both parents and children both. It will be a unique way to explore and have fun at this location after booking Allegiant airlines tickets.

The Greenville County Museum of Art

No doubt that visiting a museum is not a boring activity when you are in Greenville. There is a beautiful collection of arts which makes it a point for art lovers or those who love to appreciate creativity. There are also some fun filled exhibitions, such as one concentrating on southern painters’ use of impressionism. It is an example of unique art method

Watch the Peace Center

The Peace Center is a prominent venue for performances. It is Greenville’s most interesting and popular destination. It is formed by soft soothing green grass. The interior and arrangement is beautiful and the concert venues is very stunning. This is a magical place to visit and surely you will like it.

Falls Park

The falls park is free to visit and it offers beautiful views. It sopenIt is open every day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. The park offers free wifi and restroom facilities for public. It is popular among locals and tourists. Children will enjoy and play with ducks and dogs. You can bring your pets here. Don’t forget to click pictures of the bridge and its beautiful views. You can also plan an outdoor picnic here. Bring your umbrella and favourite food with favourite music and enjoy here with your loved ones.

Caesars Head State Park


Caesars Head State Park is a state park really worth visiting. Apart from view and a creature they offer a number of activities here. Both Jones Gap State Park and Caesars Head State Park give swoon-worthy hikes. Caesars Head State Park is situated near the South Carolina town of Caesars Head.

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When you reach here after booking of your allegiant airlines flights you don’t need to struggle a lot to find this location.