Clothing is one of the basic needs of humans and thus is an important topic that should be discussed. If there is any chance that you have been in a gym or a yoga class then there’s a high chance that you have seen running leggings and running tights. They are designed with durability and comfort in mind. Both of them are good in their own way but the debate on what’s better has always existed. To get more clarity on this topic we are going to discuss the detailed differences between them. 

  • Comfort difference 

The comfort of clothing is one of the biggest deciding factors in choosing clothes. When it comes to comfort legging is a more comfortable option. Whereas the running tights are not as comfortable to wear since they are tight-fitting they are meant for keeping the leg and its muscles tight. They have a lot of sizing options in stores because they are stiff and require a good fit for any comfort, it is really important to get a perfect fit.

  • Materials used 

The material of the clothing is the factor that plays a major role in the look and feel of the product, the materials decide the final quality of certain clothing. The materials used in making leggings are thicker and have blends of materials such as spandex and cotton. Tights on the other hand also have great elasticity and use materials like cotton, but it also uses fabrics like nylon and polyester to give them an extra tight feel. There are also some waterproof versions of it that have materials like spandex and elastane in them.

  • The breathability of the materials 

If you are a regular serious runner then you probably have an idea of how important the breathability of the materials is. The more breathable clothing out of the two is running tights, this is because leggings have a thicker feel and do not allow much airflow.

  • Material’s durability 

The durability of the material used in both is almost on par with each other, they do not show much difference. The durability of both the leggings and running tights is pretty good. It depends a lot on the quality of the material that is used in the product you buy. Running tights are slightly more durable since they use more durable materials in their making. 

  • Clothing’s maintenance 

Washing running tights is comparatively more difficult, it is always recommended that running tights are hand washed and the temperature to which they are kept must also be kept in check. Washing running leggings is a lot easier since they do not require any special attention in their maintenance. If you wish to wash running tights in a washing machine, they should use a mesh bag and put the tights in it for the wash which would not allow any damage to it.

Advantages of running tights and leggings

  1. Running tights

Running with running tights on surely gives you a few advantages. The running tights give you protection against various elements of the surroundings. It helps your muscles, joints, and tendons to stay in place while running. Running tights are good for the long-term health condition of your legs. They are specially made with training in the mind of their makers. a help in temperature and sweat management to avoid any potential infection.

      2. Leggings

There are not many extra advantages of leggings. When compared to running tights. The only big difference in advantages is in comfort. The leggings provide better comfort in casual day-to-day wear and are good enough for casual runners too. Leggings are made with everyday use in mind, the main concept of legging design is the comfort they provide. They are good enough for temporary runners and for a casual day-to-day look.


The running tights and leggings debate depends on a lot of aspects. If you ask a person who runs casually for fitness or other reasons, they will say that both are fine for some casual running sessions. Whereas if you ask professional runners, they will give you a more detailed answer and prefer running tights over leggings for better performance while running and more health benefits. It simply depends on the kind of usage and activities you are involved in.