There comes a time when you like to wear a zombie costume. Through the years, several series have always premiered at Halloween to record ratings. This has led to the popularity of zombie costumes. In addition to movies, one other reason for the popularity of these costumes is that they are easy to make and can be customised as you like. Here are some popular ones you will certainly be seeing at any Halloween party you attend this year.

  1. Walking Dead costumes

Fittingly enough, as this is the series that helped in sparking the zombie renaissance. Walking Dead costumes and masks are proving to be popular nearly every Halloween season and this year won’t be an exception. They include little girl zombie masks and split-heads, pyjama girl costumes without masks, and split-jaw prosthetics which make it appear as if your jaw has rotted away.

  1. Skeleton costume

This interesting costume portrays a zombie that has been able to crawl out of the grave after having decayed and rotting into a skeleton. It features tattered clothes with bones that are amazingly visible through the tatters, a skull mask, and skeleton gloves.

  1. Fulci zombie

One of the most iconic zombie movies is 1979’s Zombie created by Italian director, Lucio Fulci. The elaborately sculpted latex mask transforms the wearer into one among Fulci’s rotting zombies. The masks feature sharpened teeth, rotting flesh, and even worms crawling out from one eye. Another Fulci film costume to consider is the Gates of Hell mask that features an empty eye socket and a distorted mouth.

  1. Zombie crusaders

This proves to be a middle ages phenomenon. It verifies that scary creatures also existed during the middle ages and the sixties. It comprises a crusader costume and a mask and also includes a tunic, chain mail hood, as well as a cape.

  1. Zombie cowboys

These one mashes rotting features up with classic western looks, along with masks, together with accessories like dusters, bandanas, and belts that feature skull buckles.

  1. Zombie doctors

These exciting costumes comprise tattered scrubs featuring a decomposing rib chest, an exposed knee detailing and scary masks.

  1. Zombie cleaver

This is a truly excellent accessory that you could utilise along with your costumes. It features a headband which offers the illusion that somebody must have smashed a cleaver into the head of the person wearing the headband.

  1. Zombie pirates

The global success of the revered Pirates of the Caribbean movies has served to verify that all audiences throughout the whole world love watching pirates. So, why shouldn’t you then mix them up with zombies? Pirate zombie costumes online comprise a skull pirate which comprises a skull mask as well as a sculpted hand that features a hook, and a zombie shipmate costume which comes with a top that features printed bones, an eye patch, and tattered trousers.

You will definitely get to see a zombie costume from the options listed here at any Halloween party you might be attending this year. There are several varying resources online that will help you with many more ideas for the most idea costume this Halloween.