The most versatile ornament in your jewellery box that makes a lot of difference is the precious pairs of earrings. Earrings emphasize the shape of your face and relay an appropriate sense of occasion. Whether you prefer diamond stud earrings or woolly tassels, earrings can formal or boho based on what you choose to wear. The graceful way earrings frame your face can make you feel pretty. They can transform your look from party-ready to office-appropriate within seconds. The love for a pair of perfect earrings is understandable and underrated!

Let us take a look at types of earrings that are a fashion must-have.

  1. Studs – Studs are like diamond rings for girls. You can never go wrong and they look great with everything. If you are a fan of studs, you can keep adding to your collection studs of different shapes and sizes. Wearing a single pearl in each ear can also look elegant and professional. Studs can also be crystals of different colours or made of precious stones.
  2. Drop earrings – If you wish to have something a little longer than studs and yet close to the ear lobe, drop earrings are the perfect option for you. Drop earrings have a little bit of length to them and hang just below the lobe. These rarely dangle and are mostly stationary. The metal hooks of these earrings are curved.
  3. Cluster earrings – Cluster earrings are a group of smaller studs or diamonds. These are close to the earlobe and should be adorned by people with broad faces. These can be worn without a neckpiece as well.
  4. Dangling earrings – These types of earrings have more categories in them. Dangling earrings can range from mid-neck to should brushing ones. These can be the most elegant and sophisticated weapons of choice when looking to shine bright. If you have an oval face, it is best to avoid these as they will make your face look more elongated than it already is. These earrings are generally made with a delicate design and exude luxury and feminine charm. These can swirl about freely dangling from your ears captivating the on-lookers.
  5. Hoops – These good old faithful types of earrings have been around for decades and have evolved to keep up with the newer trends. These have never truly gone out of fashion and are perfect with a denim jacket or a floor-length dress. Shaped like literal loops, these dangle from your ear. They are also available in different shapes and metals. For a touch of glamour, you can choose to put on diamond hoops. Smaller hoops create a demure look whilst larger hoops can make a dramatic impact and are rarely worn to evening events. Hoops are generally associated with casual or informal events.
  6. Ear cuffs – Ear cuffs are earrings that extend over the rim of the ear and are attached to the lobe. These arched beauties come in various shapes and range from hippie beads to classy diamond studs. These earrings are relatively newer to the market and are already making a strong statement.
  7. Clip ons – Ears are not pierced? That’s okay! You can try a range of clip-on earrings to join the party.

Try the least fussy but most effective ornament now!