A bolt cutter is also known as a bolt cropper. This is a handy tool which is used on padlocks, bolts, chains and wire mesh. It can cut through metal, therefore, serving as a man’s best friend in tricky situations. Bolt cutters were initially used for shipping containers where the bolt seal was cut apart from the containers.

Situations in which you can use bolt cutters:

  1. Forgetting the combination for your bike guard: This is a situation that seldom occurs but if it does, no one will blame you because we all live hectic lives and forgetting things is pretty normal. In these situations, a bolt cutter becomes very handy.
  2. Cutting through metal fences: Metal fences or chain links are often locked for a purpose and movies teach us that the people who cut through them are usually convicts running away from the prison. Even though that may be true in real life, you can be in an emergency situation where you can’t afford to look for the keys and need to get out. This is why it’s important to keep a bolt cutter on you all the time. Bolt Cutter exporters India also sell their products at reasonable rates to other countries.
  3. Losing the key to a lock: This is a situation we’ve all found ourselves in. Yes, you can always call upon a hardware store to send someone to make you another pair of keys but what if this incident takes place really late at night? You won’t find any shops open and you’ll have to resort to situations that involve you being an unwelcome guest at someone’s home really late in the night. To prevent this from happening, always carry a bolt cutter. The bolt cutter will cut through the padlock and allow you to enter.
  4. Car accidents: When car accidents take place, usually the driver suffers from the worst impact. The steering wheel pushes against his rib cage, rendering him motionless. In such cases, a bigger bolt cutter is required to cut through the steering wheel and free the driver. When it comes to accidents it often happens that these doors are completely dented through and unless the brute force of a bolt cutter is applied, the door cannot be opened. It is advisable that in these situations a bolt cutter is used because when the victim is injured he should not be moved around to prevent any additional loss of blood, therefore the door should be wide open to easily take him out.

With innovation seeping through every corner of the world we see that bolt cutters are now coming in every shape and size. Bolt Cutter manufacturers India are designing them in such a way that control and leverage become easy. Most bolt cutters have interchangeable blades and cutting-edge technology that can get through and slice anything and everything. Not only does nothing damage a blade cutter but it’s body made out of hard alloy prevents it from rust and corrosion.