Every woman’s heart beats looking at a beautiful piece of jewelry with glittering diamonds. However, the smile on her lip suddenly disappears after seeing the price of such a piece of jewelry. Jewelry with real diamonds or diamonds is beautiful, but very expensive and unfortunately most of us cannot afford them. But the bride’s head, we have an alternative for you in the form of zircon jewelry! Traditional Earrings Set Online Shopping with zircons is very similar to diamonds and their big plus is a significantly lower price. You can change them so often and be completely different every day.


Zircon is an artificial stone. The exact name of this stone is Cubic Zirconia and it is a cubic crystalline form of zirconia. Visually, zircon is very similar to diamond and its main advantage is its low price and relatively long life.


Diamond is of natural origin, while zircon is an artificial stone. At first glance, you will not distinguish zircons from diamonds. So what are the differences between these stones?


Diamond is almost the hardest known natural mineral and one of the hardest substances ever. Zircon is more fragile and softer than diamond.


Zircon has a lower refraction of light, so it does not have the same shimmer as a diamond. At first glance, however, this difference is not recognizable. Even a zircon stone will last beautifully shiny for some time, but if you compare it to a real diamond over time, it will be less shimmering and rather dull, unlike a diamond. The diamond retains its sparkle.


Although zircons are not as hard and shimmering as diamonds, their undeniable advantage is their low price. The price of jewelry with artificial zircon is several times lower than the price of jewelry with real diamond. Such jewelry can be bought even by those who have a deeper pocket in their pocket or those who do not want to spend so much on jewelry and prefer to invest money, for example, in experiences or holidays.

The price difference between the Cubic Zirconia and Diamond is huge, where the price of a one carat hand-cut and hand-polished cubic zirconia gem stone if around $20 to $2000, there the price of diamond at similar measurement is around $1800 to $12000. This huge difference between the prices of both materials, cubic zirconia becomes the best and affordable material for the women from middle class family.


The low price of jewelry with zircons allows you to buy more of them and freely change them to the chosen outfit. Your jewelry box can be enriched with earrings with zircons, a zircon necklace or a whole set of jewelry with zircons. The advantage is also that you don’t have to knock with fears if you accidentally lose your zircon jewelry…, unlike the diamond one, you would be really sorry about the loss of several thousand. You can buy artificial bajuband online in which the cubic zirconia crystals are inserted.