Fancy dress costumes can help you celebrate different types of parties such as Christmas parties, Halloween parties and birthday parties in style. No matter the type of party, nothing stands out more than a fancy costume. There are costumes for kids, women, men and unisex costumes. Here are some cool ideas for costumes.


We thank the creative series of never-ending comic movies being released by genius producers like Stan Lee and Greg. There are thousands of costumes inspired by superhero movies. Some of these costumes include The Arrow, The Flash, Superman, Captain America, Mighty Thor, Catwoman and many more. You can also get costumes for the super-villains that still stand out.

Group costumes

If you want to go out and have fun in a big group then it is a good idea to dress in matching outfits. The fun with this comes out when you decide to dress the same and one guy comes dressed totally different. Dressing in the same costumes is normally great for hen parties.

Pub golf

You may want to indulge a bit of golf or you may want to dress like you are ready for a quick 18th round. Getting a pub golf costume is all the rage. It is very easy to pull off because you just need some pretty checked bottoms/jumpers and a visor.

The 80s

You can take yourself back in the days when legwarmers and big hair were the big things. The 80s fancy dress costumes Australia can be custom made at home by digging out some of your old wardrobes. You can also buy them on the market. Sometimes it is a great idea to go back in the days and try to feel how people used to feel those days.

School uniform

We all have some cool memories from back when we were in school. In fact, the best memories are school memories because this is the time when all we had to do was to have fun. We didn’t worry about what to eat or what to dress and our bodies were very active. The only way to go back and reminisce those old days is to get back in a school uniform. There are uniform costumes that look great and can really make you have a nice time.


You can bring the tropical climate right to where you are. Imagine the Hawaii blue waters coming to your own party. All you have to do is to jump in Hawaiian fancy costume. You can get the top floral shirt if you are a guy and a grass skirt if you are a lady. This is the best way to bring a bit of the warm summer to your party irrespective of the season. It is also a good excuse for margaritas.

Cheap and cheerful

Most folks fear to buy fancy dress costumes because of the expense. You don’t have to have money to have fun. You can still make your own costume with what you already have in your wardrobe. We hope we have given you an inspiration but we urge you to go beyond our ideas and try making something nice for yourself.