Indian women are more educated and open-minded when it comes to fashion and wearing new dressing outfits.

India is a country where its culture reflects in the way men and women dress up, a country known for its unique dressing attires.

The fashion and dressing sense on Indian men and women has changed over the past decades.

Especially women, as more Indian women are becoming more influenced to the dresses from the west.

Western culture of dressing has been adopted by modern Indian women rapidly. With more Indian women trying western outfits such as jeans, pants and especially crop hoodies for women in India have grown very popular.

In this article let’s take a close look at crop hoodies for women in India as it is become very popular, with Indian women loving to wear crop hoodies as its fashionable and very versatile outfit to wear.

Crop Hoodies


Fashionable and very comfortable to wear crop hoodies for women in India are very popular choice.

Crop hoodies give women an stylish look, crop hoodies are available in all types of sizes for women.

Mostly Indian women prefer to wear long sleeved crop hoodies as it helps cover the arms better during the summer.


5 Tips To Cover Your Skin With Crops

Crops are meant to give you a cropped look, highlighting femininity and body parts such as the arms, shoulders, belly, hips and lower back.

Most women love highlighting their body parts, and why not it’s a feminine beauty trait to highlight the body parts. Well some like to be bold and beautiful, some are not comfortable enough preferring to wear a crop but which covers the arms.

Here are a few tips to cover your skin while wearing a crop

  1. Tuck In: One of the easiest way to cover your hips and belly is to tuck in your crop top inside the jeans or pants you wear. This gives you a decent look and helps you to be more acceptable if you’re working in a corporate environment. Women who are shy to highlight their hips and belly can always tuck in to be more comfortable.


  1. Long Sleeves: If you want to protect your arms from the sun tan or cover your arms during the winter. Then wearing a crop with longer sleeves can be a good choice for you. It can help you protect from the sun and prevent your skin from getting tanned during the summer.


  1. Round Neck Crop: Wearing a crop which has a covering long neck can be a good choice. It helps to cover the shoulders and the neck skin, making to more comfortable with things. Round neck crop tops are very popular among women in India.


  1. Blouse Cover: Wearing a simple black blouse over a crop top can be a simple and effective trick. It helps hide your skin if your crop material is very think and transparent. Many women wear blouse to cover their inner skin while wearing a crop top.


  1. Wear a Simple T-shirt: How easy it is to cover your skin by just wearing a simple T-shirt from within and a crop top over it. This is the most common and stylish way to cover your skin and wear a crop top to look stylish.


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