Currently, it appears that a fancy-dress party occurs every week for students. One week, the union holds the ‘back to the 80s’ party, the next week, one among the societies you enrolled into is holding a superhero pub crawl and the week after that flat mates are organising a house fancy dress party. It can be challenging to find an original and different costume for every one of the different parties. But one thing students forget is how to remain safe while they are at these parties celebrating.

Avoid open fires:

Depending on the time of the year, it can be tempting to crowd around bonfires specially to keep warm. But several fancy-dress costumes (especially homemade ones) are highly inflammable. It’s best to avoid accident risks.

Keep your mobile phone with you:

It’s a fact that, just like with your cash, finding space to put your mobile phone in your outfit can be challenging – especially with modern phone models, which appear to be too large to slip into the pocket of your costume. You should find sufficient space somewhere. Being separated from friends in an area that you are not familiar with, and with no cab fare, is the very last thing you want.


Secure your cash:

Though lots of costumes hardly lend themselves to carrying a wallet or handbag, you must be careful how you carry your cash. Ensure that it’s as safe as it normally is when you go out in normal clothes. You must also ensure that it’s not easy at all for anybody to reach into the pockets or anywhere else inside them to steal your cash, when buying your fancy dress costumes online.

Remain warm:

Fancy dress costumes don’t feature weather-related collections, and some regions can be truly cold. The outfits are normally not thick and aren’t even waterproof either. You must keep this in mind when you begin to plan your night. If your outfit happens to be thin, ensure that you wear a layer or two of extra clothing underneath it. It’s much better to wear several thin layers than a single one when, you are attempting to remain warm. Even if it does not go well with your outfit, you should also ensure that you bring along a good coat.

Try and prevent improper slippage:

Everybody has certainly been there at one time or the other, wearing that ‘probably a bit skimpy’ fancy dress outfit, or that ‘much more revealing than you’d ordinarily want it to’ Morph suit. Slippage is one of life’s many facts, and occurs to even the best amongst us. Just try to recognise all hazardous areas before going out and watch them closely all through the night, especially if you happen to be the kind of person that loves being on the dance floor.

There are lots of fancy dress themed parties that occur in institutions especially when new students arrive to begin their academic life. The parties are full of accidents and risks. These tips will certainly ensure that you wear your fancy dress costumes safely without any potential risk. The tips will ensure that you get the best times at the parties without any accidents occurring.