Have you been too busy to plan for your fancy dress costumes for any event and specially for Halloween? Do not fear; here is a list of some hot ideas that will enable you to celebrate Halloween in style. You can easily make a warm Halloween costumes with some items from your closet and add up some accessories from the dollar store.

Maria Von Trapp

I know you remember how popular the sound of music was but I am surprised to find out that people don’t dress like Maria like they do for other celebrities. The best thing is that if you dress like Maria you will have a unique costume. You will need a white blouse, a guitar, black shoes, tights and apron. Short hair is the best but you can still do it with long hair.

Cruella De Vil

This can be terrifying and glamorous. You can use baby powder on part of your hair to achieve her crazy hair look. This is one of those fancy dress costume ideas you don’t have to spend a lot of money on. You just need long gloves, red lipstick, black heels, a faux-fur vest and you will be set to go.

A referee

You will need loafers, a whistle, athletic socks and a striped blazer to achieve the look of a referee.


Do you want to scare people a little bit? You can dress like a vampire during Halloween. You will need dark lipstick, fangs, black booties, and a jacket. You can pose for photos holding a cup of red liquid.

You can easily make your fancy dress costumes using the resources you have. Just look in your wardrobe and use whatever you have and purchase other accessories to complement the looks. Remember Halloween is all about fun and you need to get a costume that will make you happy.

Halloween is one of the much-awaited times of the year for many people of different ages. Your Spirit Halloween ideas with Halloween Costumes and home designs, make the much-needed difference in how you feel about the occasion. Make sure to use Warm Halloween Costumes that look great on the occasion boosting your spirit Halloween greatly.