Every professional electrician deserves to have the best lineman pliers. These pliers are more versatile compared to other tools as they can be used for a variety of maintenance work. If you don’t know all the uses of lineman pliers then you shouldn’t worry; you are in the right place and we will tell you how and where to use them.

Used in preparation of electrical wires

Lineman pliers can be used to crack the wire sheathing. You all need to grip a section of wire you want to cut in the nose of the lineman pliers. Bend the wire firmly at a right angle and split it. Put the wire to the craw of the linesman pliers and ensure it is well positioned between the lineman pliers. Squeeze the two cutting edges and cut through the wires. Turn the pliers at a 45-degree angle and then slice the end of the wires and strip them off sheathing.

Bending of wires

You need the best lineman pliers to buy for this task. You can use them for creating 90-degree bends in cables and wires. You can also use them to remove bends from sheet metal and wires. You can place a soft cloth around the sheet metal to avoid scratching it. A piece of wire can be stretched over the nose of the lineman pliers to achieve precise 90-degree angles

Cutting metal objects

Best lineman pliers can be used to cut metal objects such as nails, screws and more to a more suitable length. The lineman pliers have a cutting craw that can hold and cut screws that are threaded as large as number ten. They can also be used to cut plain drywall screws and most nails. Using the lineman pliers to cut screws leaves them with their ability to function.