Many music lovers today attend classical music concerts Los Angeles for fun and to have a wonderful classical music experience. Unlike other kinds of music, classical music is defined and very unique. It’s also been in existence for many years.

In this post, we will talk about some of those major characteristics of classical music that sets it apart from other kinds of music. These characteristics are as follows:

Contrast or fluctuation of mood

Generally, the composition of classical music fluctuates. A movement may consist of several contrasting themes. This change of mood in classical music can happen any time during the music. Despite the contrast of mood, the classical composer still keeps this under control.


Unlike other types of music that may be hard to remember, the melody of classical musical is usually very easy to remember. The melody of classical music usually consists of two phrases that has equal lengths. Its melody is always balanced, which makes the music usually very easy to recollect.


The rhythm of classical music is generally flexible. There could be frequent changes in notes suddenly. In addition, there may be pauses as well in the notes of classical music. This flexibility in rhythm of classical music adds more beauty to it.


The texture of classical music is very flexible. Pieces could suddenly change from one texture to another. A work may begin very simple and change to later on to something complex in texture. And that’s just the beauty of classical music.

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