If you own a commercial solar Los Angeles then you can easily take good care of it. You don’t need to hire an expert or let your solar panel spoil. It is easier to maintain a smaller commercial solar panel than larger ones. If you haven’t signed any contract with a solar maintenance company then you can utilize these tips and maintain your solar panel on your own.

Maintenance tips

Solar panels don’t use heat to generate power, they use sunlight. The lesser they are exposed to sunlight, the lesser power the solar panel will generate. It is therefore important to clean the solar panel to improve its efficiency. Other than surrounding buildings or the shade from the trees, some other things that obstruct your solar panel from getting maximum sunlight are bird droppings, fallen leaves, dust and build-up caused by pollutants from the air.

Cleaning tips

You should use a biodegradable soap and a non-abrasive cloth to clean dirt and mud from commercial solar panels LA. You can also use a typical garden hose to clean the solar panel. Some companies offer a cleaning kit for your solar panel that includes a cleaning pole and standard water hose.

The solar panel should be rinsed with water to avoid any residue from drying up. Don’t use abrasive powders and detergents as they may scratch the glass and reduce its efficiency.

The best cleaning times

You should avoid cleaning your commercial solar Los Angeles system when it is too hot for example during mid-day when the sun’s heat is at its peak. Doing so may cause the glass to crack due to a sudden change of temperature hence sudden contraction. The water will also evaporate quickly due to the hot sun and this will leave behind dried dirt. The best time is to clean it in the morning or evening. Read More: https://www.revel-energy.com/commercial-solar-los-angeles/