Why is it important for you to know basic toilet plumbing?

The toilet is the daily bare necessity of everyone in the family. Can you imagine if you can adjust in a home with dirty toilets? It’s a definite “NO”. Thus, you must always be aware of these basic hacks that you can take in order to resolve simple problems. Keep reading ahead and find your basic toilet plumbing kit.

Tips and Tricks for Basic Toilet Plumbing

  1. The bowl fills on its own: You may have often seen that your flush gets lose and water starts pouring into the bowl. This does not always need to be a fast gush. Instead, it can also be a thin trickle that is just audible but creating havoc. Plumbers refer to this as a phantom flush. Basically, what happens is that the tank is leaking and that is why it is emptying itself into the bowl. The solution for such a scenario is that you first empty the tank. Next, you clear the bowl. Finally, you check the flapper seat and replace it with a new one, in case you find that this one has some damage.
  2. The bowl empties slowly: When you see that the bowl is getting emptied solely, understand that this situation is referred to as a weak flush. This happens because the holes under the bowl are clogged. That is the reason why the passage becomes difficult and time-consuming. The best thing that can help you fight this problem is a curved wire. You need to poke it into every flush hole to clear the pathway. In case you feel that you are not being able to see it well, you can always use a mirror for a better view. However, you need to be cautious that you do not leave any scratch marks.
  3. Clogs: This is very common and all of us have this problem at some point in time. Also, we remember such instances because that is just when the plumber takes too long to arrive. However, that is now sorted because of this toilet plumbing The best and most effective tool is a force-cup plunger. You need to put in the cup in the drain and them pump with pressure. Once you let go of the handle and allow some water to get in, you will be able to understand if the passage is actually clear. In case you think it is still clogged, you can repeat this.
  4. Leaks: There is an old saying that states that where there is water and where there is a pipe, there have to leak as well. It is very common and often leads to stress at home. However, you now do not need to worry about it. You must aim to replace the seal. This means that you will first have to totally empty the tank or the area where this leak actually is. Last but not the least, the final seal is a wax seal under the base of the toilet. This one must be tight and non-leaky or the floor is going to rot over time. If you are still unable fix it, and then you might need to call in a professional to help you out.

Advantages of Knowing the Basics of Toilet Plumbing

  1. Independent: For those are living alone or need to look after the home, this is very important. The toiler is a space you use each day and not always may there be ready professional help at hand. This is why you must be able to solve these on your own.
  2. Cost effective: Let’s face it that at times we end up paying a lot to the professionals even if the work is not much. Thus, this toilet plumbing knowledge will help you to save on your money.
  3. Help others: Now, you would be glad to know that if you know this, you can help not only yourself but also others around you.

Thus, toilet plumbing is necessary knowledge and you are now equipped with the basic.