When modern design materials are fused with creativity, they can enhance the interior décor of a home to a great degree. To achieve that, the most significant options to use are decorative laminates. Laminates for home décor are available in a plethora of shades, textures, and colour tones that open the scope for endless creative possibilities in domestic as well as in commercial places. Moreover, laminate designs are so varied in nature, they can be used for various applications in our living spaces. 

Therefore, if you’re seeking some inspiration or guide to augment the beauty of your home décor, check out the points given below.

Add spice to your home bar using decorative laminates

If your home bar has lost the lustre it had once, it’s time to add fresh life to it so that you have the right ambience to enjoy your drinks. In which case, the ideal thing to do would be to install designer laminates for redesigning the bar from the beginning. In that case, don’t forget the furniture because they play a significant role in enhancing the overall décor in any living space. In case, there is already a bar in the area, you should consider designing the wall behind the bottles placed on the shelves. Laminates are preferred by most homeowners these days because they adorn shelves, cabinets in the bar, and storage boxes that create a sleek statement which is a significant aspect of any beautiful bar. 

Furthermore, you can combine different patterns as well as consider a uniform look depending on your likes and dislikes. Nonetheless, in the end, it will be worth the effort.

Do the bookshelves appear lifeless?

Bookshelves have great significance in home décor. When furniture like these starts appearing dull, it is high time to consider making a change. However, many consider selling old furniture to buy new ones. Well, you can save a lot of money by not selling your old furniture but resurfacing them with laminate sheets. It goes without saying that laminates are the best option when it comes to adding new life to old furniture. Moreover, laminates offer a subtle yet special look, something that gives an edge to the entire living space décor. Also, homeowners can consider different materials to the interior of the bookshelves to provide a lining on the backside. Hence, make your selection from a wide variety of solid colours and textured laminates from the Royale Touche laminate catalogue to create an eye-catching décor that you would be proud of. 

Does your home décor plan include the entrance? 

It would be unwise to not consider the entrance among your home décor plans because laminates can provide a unique look to the entrance area. The perfect choice of laminate colours and textures that complements the rest of the interior decoration should be applied to the entry space. Decorating the entryway area is the best way to create a positive impression as they set the perfect tone and anticipations for the remaining parts of the house. It is advisable to resurface the walls and ceiling with an aesthetic laminate design of your taste to enhance the visual appeal of the entryway space. 

Laminate flooring accents your home decor

Why leave out the floor alone when you are redesigning every aspect of your living space? Laminate flooring simulates the genuine appeal of stone or hardwood as well as there are endless colours to choose from. 

Whether it is elegant, cool, or temporary, the availability of several patterns and colour tones allows complementing the mood and style of the entire interior décor in the most perfect way. Moreover, they are easy to install compared to tiles and marble. Also, you can install laminate flooring on the surface of an already existing floor. 

Kitchen countertops

Laminates on kitchen countertops are one of the most common ways to enhance the décor of modern kitchen design in contemporary times. One of the major reasons behind it is the durability of the sheets. Besides, kitchen laminates are scratch-resistant, anti-bacterial, and fire-proof surfaces making it a significant requirement especially for countertops that are much exposed to wear and tear every day.

To cut a long story short, laminates adorn every corner of a home and create the ultimate style statement you could be proud of. Now that you are aware of all the applications, you will be able to decorate your house by installing laminate sheets in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen as well as in your entrance area too.