Jewellery, in the definition, we can call it to be any decorative item worn for our adornment. However in reality, it is not just a piece of decorative element, as with every bit of jewellery a memory is attached. Memories of our loved ones, from the engagement ring to any other item, a memory flashes our mind whenever we look at it.

We love our jewellery items, not for their cost but the sentiments attached. Moreover, these memories and emotions are the main reason due to which our jewelry is so vital for us, as an asset. These jewels are not cheap to buy either, and with the increase in quality, there is an increase in price too.

There are many cheats in the market as well; all they are looking for is bait whom they can cheat. As with the price, any jewellery item can only be judged by the amount and quality of material used in the product. Therefore, some people can deceive you over this fact.

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