When a family is waiting for a grand Christmas feast, they should plan the food menu with a variety of flavours and choices. The varied menu should fulfil the desires of all members of their family so that the meal stays memorable for long. Thus good food can make a Christmas day filled with enjoyment. There are various dishes that can be prepared according to the choice of food habits of every individual. This menu needs to be prepared with each kind of main ingredients mind that people are going to love.

Food to Bring In Flavours of Christmas

Various cuisines are there around the world offering certain foods perfect for a celebration and the time of Christmas needs to have a planned approach towards food. Thus it is best to have a menu with miscellaneous ingredients so that variety can be maintained. Some of the potential choices of dishes are given below:

  1. Popcorn Chicken

If the person cooking those dishes is looking for a funky starter, it is the best choice. The chicken pops or popcorn chicken come with simple steps to prepare and takes less time so that the person can focus on the main course more.

  1. Garden Soup

This is a special delicacy just out of the vegetarian dishes. The ingredients are filled with natural ingredients rich in essential elements that also have a delicious taste. Thus it is a perfect dish to work as an accompaniment for various dishes.

  1. Schezwan Fried Rice

This is a mixed type of dish which has enough ingredients for a wholesome diet. This dish is perfect to be placed as a main dish as it covers the cravings for Chinese cuisine.

  1. Butter Naan

Those people who are not into rice dishes in the family need to be offered a perfect main dish as a supplement and Mughal cuisine got a perfect solution to it. A dish like butter naan is enough to enlighten the taste of accompaniments, making it a good choice as the base of the main course.

  1. Chilli Mushroom

Then comes one of the major accompaniments of Chinese cuisine, i.e., chilli mushroom, which has an exquisite taste because of the ingredients used in it. The preparation is such that it adds a tangy flavour to the main course. Thus it is one of the favourites for many.

Maharaja Chicken

This is a great dish just out of Mughal cuisine that can effectively act as a great accompaniment to butter naan. But the best part of this dish is that the gravy is prepared with use of varieties of spices making it perfect for a dinner.


Best part of ending the meal on a Christmas day is serving cake as the dessert because it the perfect season to have cakes as a part of the party menu.

A perfect dinner plan is formed during winter out of the varied cuisine that can create a mixed sensation of taste. All the family members can get their hands on the exquisite taste of the dishes.