There are many reasons why bathroom drains can be blocked. Whatever the reason, a bathroom that slowly collapses or flows completely is really annoying and dirty. When it gets dirty, mold can start to grow. Your bathroom will not only look unsatisfactory. But the material that blocks the smooth flow of water trapped in the bathroom sink also causes rot and odor.

Blocked sewage can be a threat to your health. This is because rot and dirt are a major cause of many health problems such as skin infections and respiratory diseases. Keeping the appliances and other items in your bathroom clean is essential to keeping your home safe and comfortable. Although the packaging is a bit complicated. But as a homeowner, you have no choice but to remove all the objects stuck in the drain. In many cases, cleaning a locked bathroom is more difficult than repairing a locked bathroom. Especially if things are stuck in the DÉBOUCHAGE, if you have no idea how to repair the house and feel uncomfortable. However, if you want to fix it, you will need to hire a professional plumber. You can follow several steps to remove the block.

One thing to keep in mind to keep your drain hose clean is to check for blockages. Even if the bathroom slowly collapses, there are still homeowners who use the bath and only open the drain when they are not collapsing at all, however, this is a common mistake made by many homeowners. If drain repairs are delayed, it is more likely that more material will be added to the drain and it will be difficult to remove. As soon as you see that the drain hose is locked you should thoroughly look for the cause of the blockage.

Sometimes it is easier to identify objects that effectively stop the flow of water. In this case, you can use a wire hanger to remove the drain plug in the bathroom. It is easier to remove the drain cover before removing the drain from the bathroom. If there is a stop in the drain pipe, the easiest way is to tighten the stop and unscrew the screws. If you open it now you can gently remove the plate and stop assembly.

If there is a drain pipe filter for debris when opening the bathroom drain. Bathroom drains are often clogged with small items such as toys and soap that are easy to remove. Soap foam will begin to accumulate in the drain so it will not be easy to remove by hand. The hair is then attached to the bathroom drain. In this case, it is best to use a plumbing hose. If the drain is covered with hair and other debris, it indicates that it is time to wash it with chemicals. It would be useful and safe to call an experienced plumber for bathroom drain installation.