Business setup in Dubai has become extremely popular among expatriates as well as multinational companies. The main reason behind the popularity of business setup in Dubai is the tax-free environment and exemption on import and export of goods from Dubai. Many multinational companies also set up their operations in Dubai after applying for a business visa in order to avail the benefits of the tax-free status. Another reason for the popularity of setting up business in Dubai is the growth of the real estate industry in Dubai. The increase in demand of commercial properties in Dubai has resulted in higher rental yields for apartments and plots. In addition, the real estate market in Dubai has seen a lot of investments from global investors.

Before starting a business setup services in Dubai freezone, an entrepreneur needs to purchase a sponsor’s license which is a vital requirement in Dubai. The license proves that the company owner or the business entity are legal and permanent residents of the country. Before acquiring the sponsor’s license, an entrepreneur should check with the emirate government to see if his proposed company name or address conforms with the law of the emirate. The procedure to obtain the sponsor’s license is quite a time consuming and expensive. Therefore many entrepreneurs prefer to use an offshore company formation service which will not only provide them with the necessary documents and information but also at the same time will process their business visa and passport upon request.

Businesses you can start in UAE without investment

One can easily find free zones in Dubai through corporate registration. This service is offered by several business setup consultants in Dubai. However, before selecting a company from the list of business setup consultants in Dubai, one must carefully check whether the company registration is free or not. Most consultants offer this service for free but there are several companies that charge a nominal fee for the service.

If you wish to start a new business in Dubai, you need to follow certain procedures and laws. Business formation in Dubai is different from other countries because the company formation needs special permission from the UAE government. You can either register your business as a sole proprietor or a partnership. If your company is structured in the traditional way, you may not be allowed to open an office in Dubai.

Starting your own business is no doubt difficult but nowadays things are much simpler. In the case of Dubai, you can easily start a company without any difficulty. The easiest way is to use the free zone company formation services in Dubai. Company formation in Dubai is entirely free and there are no additional charges for this service. However, if you want to get some other details concerning the company formation in Dubai, you must hire the services of a company formation consultant in Dubai.

There are several reasons why business setup services in Dubai are popular. Firstly, it is not very expensive as compared to other countries. Companies that are set up in the free zones enjoy substantial tax relief as well. Moreover, the corporate laws of the country are quite liberal and this makes it easy for people who wish to set up their businesses.

Companies that set up their businesses in Dubai will not face problems when it comes to business licenses. You can easily obtain a business license from the Dubai authorities and you will be able to set up your company easily. In addition, there are no special procedures that have to be followed in order to obtain a license. If you want to save time while establishing a company in Dubai, you should use the services of a business setup consultant in Dubai. Business setup consultants in Dubai help you obtain all the necessary documents and perform the entire process of company formation for you without any additional costs.

Companies that operate in the free zones of the country will also enjoy many financial benefits. Companies that operate in the emirates first-rate will enjoy a number of significant tax rebates. This will definitely help to reduce the costs involved with starting and maintaining a business in Dubai. In short, you will enjoy all the benefits of setting up a business in Dubai when you avail the services of a business setup consultant.