Since 2021 is hailed as the year of QR codes, this year represents the year of the marketing adoption of QR codes in marketing their business. Due to the rise of digital and social media marketing, marketing without QR codes means losing more opportunities to connect with their target audience.

As people can find these QR codes anywhere, new and seasoned marketers are now reinforcing their marketing strategies by looking for the best QR code software to provide the QR code and features to maximize their campaign scope and impressions.

The internet is a vast pool of active virtual information. Scouring through it can take a few hours of days. Because of that, many new and seasoned digital marketers are relying on software listicles made by their go-to tech blog sites.

This listicle will discuss the ten best QR code software that you can use for your following product or service marketing campaign. Starting with the top best QR code generator, here are the following QR code makers that you must try for marketing.


If you are searching for a QR code software that houses almost all of your marketing needs to convert into a QR code, QRTIGER has you covered. With this QR code generator, you can always depend on the creation of QR codes without any ad interruptions. We can say that this is the best QR code software on our list.

It houses all the basic and advanced QR code solutions and features that you need to host a successful QR code campaign for your product or brand.

The solutions you can use include the basic and advanced features you will need to run an intuitive and hassle-free QR code campaign.

This QR code software ensures that users can have an easier way to create and integrate the QR code into their business and marketing materials.

  1. Visualead

Visualead is a QR code software that focuses on creating visually appealing QR codes. This QR code generator is entertaining at first, but when users try to save them, they will ask you to register for their 14-day trial subscription plan.

Most marketers understand that 14 days of promotions execution is not enough to determine whether an advertising initiative is fruitful or has a setback.

With the standard in place, the creation and use of this software’s tests are restricted. As a result, they are not adhering to one of the criteria established in selecting the best QR code software to use presently.

  1. QRStuff

QRStuff is an easy-to-use and intuitive online QR code software that enables users to generate a QR code in stages. It offers several free QR code solutions that marketers can use for personal and commercial purposes.

The limitations of this QR code maker include the requirement for a paid membership to have your logo in the QR code and the reality that its QR code creation features are mostly limited to URLs, text, and file attaching techniques.


GoQR is a straightforward QR code software that allows users to quickly create and save their QR code with a few commands. This QR code maker encourages users to include their QR codes in merchandise. This QR code maker only supports black and white color schemes and requires a net payment when you request to have your logo or call to action labels.

  1. ForQRcode


ForQRcode is a straightforward QR code software that enables users to make and modify QR codes. The main drawback of this QR code software is that it only provides a restricted number of free features, primarily focused on basic QR code functionality such as Hyperlink, SMS, Electronic mail, and Plain text.

  1. WebQR

WebQR is a free QR code software that enables individuals to create QR codes in URL or text. This QR code maker only has two QR code functions: Text and URL. Aside from making a QR code, you can save the QR code from other posters scanned within the software.

  1. QRExplore

QRExplore is a QR code software that can produce QR codes in large quantities for people that regularly make items in large amounts. A simple QR code maker enables people to create QR codes quickly and easily. Although it offers free batch QR codes, its functionality is reduced to a particular QR code function.


If you are looking for a QR code software that offers a straightforward QR code generation interface, is the software you can tap and use. This QR code software can allow a user to create a QR code that contains three types of data: text, URL, and email.

The issue with this software is that you cannot customize its design, add a logo and create dynamic QR codes.

  1. is an efficient and competitive QR code software. Moreover, because their software now focuses on creating dynamic QR codes, users who do not have sufficient funds to run a QR code campaign will be exempted from this upgrade. It is a secure QR code software, but its solutions give the other users a slight market advantage.

  1. QFuse

QFuse is a QR code software that makes it possible to create dynamic QR codes and other data storage tools. This QR code software requires you to register on their website and only provides you with one free QR code generation.

How to Choose the Best QR Code Software Online?

In choosing the best QR code software for marketing, there are a few standards that one should consider. These standards include the following:

  1. Software dependability

When looking for a QR code software to use and entrust your resource, it is critical for both first-time and repeats QR code users to investigate its software reliability.

You can use an online URL checker or a site-auditor like URLVoid and Google Safe Browsing to determine whether the QR code software is safe and reliable to use.

  1. Permission to test the software

Testing their software without providing confidential material is an excellent way to determine how secure the QR code maker is. This is a perfect way to get a good user perception before using the product.

If the QR code maker requires you to provide sensitive information before using the app, your chances of getting it first are reduced. As a result, QR code experts recommend following the “test first, commit later” rule when using software to avoid any usage errors.

  1. Cost-effectiveness of function usage

A secure QR code software does not always have to be expensive to use and maintain. Even the less expensive ones are safe to use.

  1. System of active technical support

The best QR code software is run and maintained by real people. They can try contacting their customer helpline or email to see if a QR code software is active. And if you can get a reply within the day or inquiry, that software is functional and enforces its mission to help users improve their software use.

  1. Compliance with Data Privacy

Data privacy is critical in controlling how a SaaS company or a physical business uses data from its clients and users. And, because data is regarded as a vital string of information in the digital community, people must consider where they will imbue their data.

With various QR code software available today, it is critical to look for those that strenuously implement the Data Privacy policies imposed by different business union members and nations.

By adhering to these standards, we can rank the ten best safe QR code generators that any company or individual can use for personal and commercial uses.


QR codes are an excellent way to make mundane tasks easier to complete. However, as they reclaim their position as the most effective technical tool presently, the need to rely on the best QR code software grows.

Trusting the best QR code software can make a significant difference for QR code users and support the importance of engaging the future of information sharing.