Astrology is a method of predicting the past, present, and future of a person based upon the assumption and celestial bodies. It determines or indicates the changes in the sublunar world. However, with this, many popular myths about astrology also developed. Thus, in this guide, you will know about the various myths and facts about astrology. However, it is also important to choose the best astrologer in Pune. So, let’s know more about the interesting facts and myths of astrology.

Myths About Astrology

  • Myth 1: According To Astrology, Earth Is The Center Of The Universe

Today, there are many people and astrologers who confuse the Geocentric model with Geocentric observation. However, it is simple that as we live on earth, our observations about the universe will be from the earth. And this is why all the astrology predictions are based upon geocentric observation or planetary motion. Thus, it has misinterpreted the people and astrologers who support Geocentric theory.

  • Myth 2: Astrology Believes In Fatalism and Denies Free Will

People think if they believe in astrology, it will make them believe in fatalism and result as the barrier to progress. But this is absolutely a myth! However, many astrologers believe that this is not the way astrology works.  Astrology has helped people in making better decisions in their life and enhancing their strength. For instance, seeking an astrologer’s guidance can help you to reach your aim or goal quickly with fewer difficulties.

  • Myths 3: Retrograde Planets Gives Bad Results

There are numerous myths concerning retrograde planets. Retrograde planets define our prior karma; thus also produce unusual outcomes, are unpredictable, and so on. Ancient seers never mentioned such notions in any classical books or texts. Later, depending on their own interpretations, people formed such hypotheses. However, Retrogression occurs when the planets are at aphelion, which means far from the sun.

  • Myth 4: All Problems Has One Solution “Astrological Remedies”

Today, most astrological consultations include remedies, giving the interpretation that the two are inextricably linked. At the same time, most of the remedies aim to reduce psychological barriers. Moreover, the same result can be achieved by making a conscious effort to make the right decisions every day and sticking with them for a long time. Thus, astrological remedies work for making the psychological state of a person much better.

Facts About Astrology

  • Fact 1: Moon Sign Will Explain About Your Emotions

This fact is true that states your moon sign represents your inner life and your emotions. Also, it symbolizes reactions and responses to what situations you are dealing with. This theory is explained by many well-known astrologers Pune and other countries. So, when the sun, moon, and rising signs are equal, they become more powerful and, thus, tell about your emotions.

  • Fact 2: Rising Signs Will Explain Your Personality

The rising signs represent an individual identity, their first impression on others, and their outer personality. Moreover, the way the moon sign speaks about the emotional level of an individual similarly the rising sign speaks about the outer personality. However, one of the indications may appear to be more strong than the others. So, none of the signs are more potent than the others.

  • Fact 3: Signs Can Describe Your Physical Appearance But Not Influence Them

The signs could be used to describe the changes we make in or to our bodies in order to become better. Aries, for example, may want red highlights in their hair or choose to wear more red to show their sign’s fieriness. So, the astrology sign will help the astrologer to tell you about your nature on the basis of physical appearance.

  • Fact 4: Mercury Retrograde Is Much Better!

Mercury retrograde will help in taking back you to a great time in the areas of communication and learning. Take advantage of the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and places, reorganise your office, review a book, restore, revise, and reverse your steps in order to learn from the past. It’s necessary to regress in order to get success!

  • Fact 5: Astrology Is The Part Of Vedas

There are six supplementary appendixes which are known as Vedangas. Thus, astrology is part of these Vedangas. However, for many years, Rishis have balanced the practice of JyotishShastra parallel to the Vedas. Thus, the ancient existing text on Vedic astrology exists in two editions. One is Rigveda and the second is Yajurveda. So, in Rigveda,  there are around 36 verses that are based upon astrology. But in Yajurveda, there are 43 verses.


Astrology has many myths but also some most interesting facts. At the same time, some believe that it is related to black magic, and some believe in astrology predictions. So, it will be better to know both and clear the misconceptions about astrology.