Does the idea of ​​a Black Friday store tear your spine? Do you mind queuing for the doorbell at 4am? Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him to do something? If you want to be patient with the crowd, if you want to run away, here are some tips for you, because you must have a house bell.

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Make a plan before you buy. Carefully read the advertisements by comparing the prices of items in different stores! See what’s wrong, maybe they have a small note with at least 5 items in store. Decide in advance if you want to queue for it. It’s best to have one or two friends. You may need to find, transport and queue your items. If you have two stores you want to visit, open them all together, split your party, or pick the best deal and leave the rest. If you plan to go door-to-door shopping, find a shopping mall or column store that has stock in one or more locations. This saves you time driving. Also, if you visit several stores, pay attention to the time in the store. You can also name someone as a time saver. It’s a good idea to pre-register your team member so you don’t have to wait in long queues. In your plan, give team members a specific item, a backup location. Distribute on arrival at the store. Use cell phones and even old train stations to talk to each other. If possible, visit the store a day in advance to learn about the different units that sell goods. Employees may provide details of where Black Friday is . Remember, most stores carry items from house to house on the street. Check the routes regularly when going to the department, the item is usually kept you could look here.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. If you have to run, lift heavy objects or stand for long distances, it is best to relax. Keep your coat in the car so you don’t have to carry it. The shops will be hot. Obviously, if you want to be in line a few hours before the store opens, you can’t put your coat in the car.

Your wallet: It should be small enough to hit your body well. If it gets worse, dig a bag in the back of your closet. You can’t use your hands to carry a bag, you need those hands to carry things. Instead, keep credit cards and ID cards in your pocket.

Bring one or two large bags with shoulder straps. You won’t find a basket in the store, but it can be useful for you because you can go fast without one. Obviously, if you buy something big, heavy, you may have to buy a basket.

If you have space in your wallet or pocket, bring sales paper with you, or cut out what you are looking for. If you can’t find the sale price, the right item, and the item for sale, this will give you a picture to show sellers. It only happens when you put the wrong price. If I don’t find anything that day, I usually post this ad for a while after Black Friday. I use ads to compare after-sales prices. After Black Friday, things got cheaper, but not often.

Arrest as many as you can. Buy what you have at a great price and store it in public or at home. Think of all the gifts you need before ordering. Pockets, work party, postman, hairdresser, secret Santa, neighbor and much more. Arrest the most important thing, do not forget the gift receipt!

Central area. If possible, run a major highway! Before arriving, the main road was cleared and the gas tank was full. If you have a truck, make sure it is working. When your car is full of gifts, you can remove the lid to prevent theft. If you can’t afford it, bring a large black blanket that serves the same purpose. Fill fast food and water trucks between stores to increase energy.

Above all, use general politeness, do not try to be ahead of those who stand in line for hours. It’s not fightable, and it’s not in festive mood. Wait in line until their line falls or they follow you.