Are you a piano lover and learning to play the piano? Then you need to learn the music notations. Learning bass Clef is just like memorizing the basic alphabets of any other language. You have to learn it by heart, then all it takes is some practice, and there you go.

If you have already been through treble clef then your next step is to learn bass clef. Here we have jotted down the basic things that you need to know about bass clef.  

The significant difference between treble clef and bass clef is that it is used to denote the left-handed deeper notes. First, we need to know about the basics of how to read bass clef


It is a collection of lines where music notes are written. It has five lines and four spaces. Notes are written between these lines as every line represents a different note. 

Bass Clef

An inverted C symbol with two dots that handles the notes on the piano keyboard under the middle C is called a bass clef. The upper part of the clef should touch the top line. If it does not, then it would not represent the bass clef. 

Ledger Lines

These lines are drawn below or above the clef to have an added space. However, do not forget to add spaces between them to represent notes. 

Other than piano, many other low-pitch instruments like electric bass, string bass, bassoon, cello, and Timpani also use bass clef. 


The fun and easy to memorize the notes

  •  The easy way out to remember notes is to learn the sequence of notes from bottom to top. Just remember “All Cows Eat Grass”. The lowest space between the bottom two lines stands for A. Then C, E, and G respectively for all the above three spaces. 
  • The next phrase to learn is “Grizzly Bears Don’t Fly Airplanes”. Just like before, starting from the bottom, the lowest line represents G, and then B, D, F, and A for the upper four lines bottom up. 

It is not necessary to follow these classic mnemonics. You can make your own in the same sequence. Now you know the basics of how to read bass clef.


If you want to be a pro, all you have to do is Practice, Practice, and Practice. The easiest way is to play online music quizzes and games.


They help you to identify the notes perfectly and increase your speed too. In addition, you can play the notes on your instrument simultaneously to identify the sound and placement on the instrument, too. Visit Studio notes to bring out your inner musician.

Happy Practice!