Flowers can be considered as the best thing to gift. These beauties spread happiness and love wherever they go with their fragrance and lively colours. Anyone who gets flowers instantly lights up; that is the effect these mesmerising beauties have on people. Though, more often than not, we find ourselves confused as to what kind of flowers we shall gift, what is the appropriate flower type for the particular occasion. So, to get you out of your confusion zone, we are mentioning top gifting flowers and for which occasion they are best suited:


Carnations are the flowers of luck and admiration. The different shades of these appealing flowers portray a different message from the sender to the receiver. A pink carnation shows your affection for the one who gets it from you, So, it can be an excellent present for someone you like. Carnations of any other shade wish the receiving party luck and prosperity; therefore, a great way to wish someone luck is to gift them a bouquet of mixed carnations.


Roses are the flowers of love and passion. Any shade of rose speaks the language of love in a different way. A bouquet of Red Roses says the words “I love you” loud and clear, pink roses indicates likeness and white and yellow roses conveys happiness and friendship. So a bunch of roses are perfect wherever your partner is concerned, be it their birthday, your anniversary or valentine’s day; a bouquet of these heavenly beauties will put a smile on their face. If you enjoy floral-based perfume, check out Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume on IAMCOMPLEXION.


Orchids express sympathy. A branch of Orchid of any shade is enough to tell someone that you are there for them. Though, the lighter and darker shades can be used for different purposes. The dark shades of Orchids, such as Blue, Purple, Red, etc., are a perfect get well soon present. The deep colours and the pleasing aroma of the flowers will put them into a great mood while resting. The lighter shades of the flowers, such as White, Pink, etc., are the flowers presented at a funeral to express your deep condolences.


Lilies are believed to be the symbol of happiness and festivities. That is why these are the most used flowers for weddings. A bunch of lilies is an exceptional present for every happy occasion, be it someone’s anniversary or new addition to the family; lilies are always appreciated everywhere they go.


A daisy indicates loyalty. A bunch of Daisies is a promise to remain with that person through thick and thin and to support them no matter what happens. A bouquet of Daisies can be a great gift for anyone, a friend, a colleague, your partner with whom you wish to establish an everlasting bond.


These rare and exquisite flowers symbolise pride and dignity. Any shade of this fancy flower is enough to express that you feel proud of the person receiving the bouquet. This is also a great present one can get for themself whenever they achieve a goal and make themselves proud.

Cape Jasmine

Cape Jasmines, also known as common Gardenia flowers, are the ones that express extreme joy; the fragrance of this flower is so strong, it is said that one flower is enough to perfume the entire room. The scent itself is the reason why this flower is associated with joy. A bunch of these mixed with some other flowers is a fantastic gift to express how happy you are on any given occasion.

The flowers are just a way to express the different emotions we feel. Now, sending flowers is easier than ever, now you order Online Cake And Flower Delivery In Delhi or anywhere you want, through different websites and services. The point is to make the receiver feel the emotion you wish to convey.