Tattoos are some of the oldest and also greatest human artistic expressions, that nowadays have become a major trend in contemporary art. It has always been so much controversy about how people should see those, as a form of art or as a way of rebellion, but one area that people do agree on is to use the best tattoo ink, such as Dynamic Ink.

Being only symbolic and figurative at first, thousands of years ago, they were used to show someone’s affiliation to a tribe or their status in society, and just in a few cases they had decorative purposes. However, nowadays tattoos are abstract, expressionist, and graphic, stirring up many more disagreements than they used to.


Like any other thing in the world, these ink drawings have gone through some trends and periods that had an impressive impact on them. Unfortunately, all those movements were judged and criticized by inexperienced people who weren’t even familiar with the topic. But the good thing is that in all this time, both the creators and the receivers of the tattoos listened only to themselves, so if they were seeing this as a form of art, then that’s what it was. Let’s say it’s just a rule of the world, if someone intends for their drawings on their skin to be art, then it takes this label.

Tattoos should be promoted as art since there are more and more people who choose to express their feelings in this manner. Some of them want to permanently have on their skin the portrait of someone they love, something that is very important to them, like a hobby or a hidden passion, or even something that makes them remember important moments of their past. Art is supposed to be about emotions, so when we put so many feelings into the drawings from our skin, they become for sure a form of art that defines us as human beings.


Many people are acting out like getting a tattoo will totally ruin your life forever and they won’t even let you expose your point of view on the situation, because they are convinced that those are the worst thing someone can do to their own self. It’s so true that there are some risks that need to be taken, but reaching the point where you are saying tattoos are a form of “self–mutilation” is a complete exaggeration.

The only risks that once existed were the ones about health and the ones referring to the possibility that you might get bored of them as time passes by. Due to evolution that manifested as well in this domain, those risks have been taken care of and now the only thing stopping people from getting a tattoo is other’s opinion since we all have a tendency of being judgemental.


It is widely thought that people are getting permanent drawings on their bodies because they want to get attention from others and they don’t know a better way of doing it. Since they strongly believe that all you do is beg for people’s attention, they start making really wrong assumptions about you, thinking you are emotionally unstable. Those preconceptions might lead to serious discrimination when people are not hired for certain jobs if they refuse to hide their tattoos.

After thousands of years since people have been covering their skin with ink, there are some of them still have preconceived ideas about tattoos. Although in our daily activities everybody says things like “It’s your life, you can do whatever you want.”, when it comes to tattoos, the situation somehow changes, because you see how everybody starts looking differently at you.