Overwhelming city lives may sometimes be burdensome, but the same also brings to us happening night lives and brings out the party animals inside of us. Birthdays, weddings, parties, convocations, or even random Wednesdays, people here leave no opportunity to have a blast with their loved ones. It is rightly said Delhi is a state of hearts and love. And with the festive season coming up, Delhi is all ready with its high spirit preparations and snap chat filters. We know you are never out of ideas, but this time, we have some flabbergasting thoughts to take your future celebrations one step ahead.

Find some of the most exotic and mind-boggling party and festive ideas and get ready to woo all your loved ones with your next level preparations this season.

  • A cake to begin with

Irrespective of the occasion, the call for the celebration begins with a cake. The long list of mouth-watering flavours starts with the basic Pineapple, Chocolate and Black forest and edges out till the most exotic Red Velvet, Coffee and whatnot. And, don’t worry about going anywhere, when you can buy cake online in Delhi with no hassles.

  • Flower Bouquets

Celebrations are great places to meet new people. You wouldn’t want to make an entrance without leaving a memorable impression, would you? What’s better than bouquets for doing it. With a combination of contrasting colours and beautiful flowers like lilies, roses, sunflowers beautified with some confetti, glitter and silver decoration, do it right.

  • Gifts

Be it birthdays or festivals; gifts are the most awaited. They may vary depending on the occasion like Lord idols, planters for Diwali and dresses and handbags for birthdays. It’s up to you to choose a marvellous gift for your loved ones. Be as creative and thoughtful as you can.

  • Long Trips and itinerary

If a special day comes once a year, it deserves to be carried on for a few days. This time pre-plan an adventure trip with your friends and family. It will be new; it will be different; it will be memorable. Already bored with the routine celebrations, we all could use a change.

  • A house party

Sometimes just an escape out of the jam-packed schedule is enough. And a house party seems like a perfect idea of the same. Invite your friends or cousins over to your house, set the ambience, arrange some lightings, of course, food and beverages, and there you have your escape-cum party.

  • A long drive

You don’t always have the time and energy for a long trip, but a long drive is an all-time in. occasions like birthdays, anniversaries especially call for such enjoyments. Rive out to a restaurant or a tourist spot. An adventure park or some prominent location.

  • Theme parties

Quite happy and trendy theme parties are the new show-stealer. With western culture ruling in the old-style parties are phasing out. Fashion is a suitable theme that resonates with your personality and interests; it could be costume, ghosts, Halloween, cartoons, Disney or any other funny and creative theme that ring your mind.

  • Surprise parties

Most people expect some celebration on their special day but can very conveniently be misled with just a few pranks and lies. Plan everything in advance and beyond their expectation. Throw them off guard so when it’s time you can surprise them to the very core. It may seem hurtful, but it is super fun. Enthusiasm to get it done is all you need.

  • Pool parties

The emerging trend of pool parties is quite a show stopper. Wildly popular in the younger generation, they gain attention on social media as well. It makes a nice place to capture photos, make memories, meet new people and celebrate your day to the fullest. Additional arrangements of music, food and fun activities double the craze of pool parties.

Are you feeling butterflies in your stomach and can’t wait for a celebration to knock your door? We know the feeling. Pick out the most favourable and amusing ideas and get them going. The celebration should be a benchmark for the ones to come ahead of them. Entertaining and refreshing parties should be your motto. Excited enough, then commence your preparations now, a little early start could never hurt anyone.