Any running shoes or sneakers for training in the gym, walking need to be cleaned in a timely manner. The main thing to be guided by is the coating, as well as the complexity of the structure itself. Leather products need to be cleaned more often, but they are easier to clean. Skin replacers need periodic cleaning. Better to use special tools. The most difficult to clean are suede sneakers.

The color of the product, the complexity of its execution affects the quality of cleaning in the future. From the moment you purchase a product, you need to understand how the multiple parts will complicate the cleaning process. It is better to store leather or light-colored sneakers in special containers or bags so that they collect less dust.

It is best to store your sneakers separately from other shoes. For leather shoes, it is better to create conditions so that it does not dry out. You should not use a regular washing machine for expensive sneakers; it is better to give preference to dry cleaning. Premium sneakers brands like Adidas has some of the most quality sneakers. Women’s Jordan 1 Court Purple 2021 is one of the most awaited sneaker slated for a launch this June.

The sole can often be cleaned more frequently. Cleaning is not a big problem, but it is better to buy a special product. A regular brush will work for cleaning inexpensive shoes. The bottom of the sole must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the integrity of the shoe. It is better to dry light-colored sneakers without direct sunlight.

Cleaning technology:

In general terms, it will be the same for all parts of the sneaker and any materials (with the exception of long pile, fur and other perversions), the allowable amount of water and the intensity of movement will differ

  • If the couple is extremely dead , then visible signs such as dried dirt and lumps on the sole can be brushed off with light movements of a dry brush or with your hands, Schaub will facilitate the further task
  • Next, slightly dip the brush into the resulting solution and begin to remove dirt with confident movements without excessive pressure. From time to time we rinse the brush under running water from excessive dirt, then we dip it again in the solution and continue to rub
  • During the cleaning process, it is better to move from one element to another , changing the amount of solution and intensity. Roughly speaking, first you figure out the sole with a lot of water, and only then you go to the top, rinsing and slightly drying the brush so as not to wet delicate elements too much and avoid paint smudges
  • After removing all the dirt, do not forget to get rid of the soap residues . This can be done with a lightly dampened cloth. Now it’s time to dry. Even if you are in a hurry, the battery, oven or microwave will not be your comrades in this matter. It is better to put on another pair, and leave the freshly peeled pair to dry at room temperature. To shape and speed up the process, you can stuff the pedals with crumpled newspapers.