When Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, he would have hardly imagined that almost 150 years later, it would be possible to analyze calls for specific metrics. 

Yes, call monitoring software has been aiding companies in efficiently conducting call and quality audits. 

The primary reason that companies opt for call monitoring is to obtain useful knowledge about improving their customer services. 

Call centers can also benefit from call monitoring software solutions because they can keep a tab on how their agents address customer grievances while the agents are aware.

You might be thinking, what’s the benefit if the agent is aware? It is beneficial because the agents consciously treat each customer with equal attention and utilize the best of their skills to address their problems. 

Knowing 100% of calls are being monitored helps agents perform to the best of their abilities every time and not just in isolated instances. 

So now that you know a little about call monitor software, let’s help you understand why this is a must-have solution for your business, especially if you are heading an SME. 

In this blog, you’ll find details about- 

  • What is a Call Monitoring Software?
  • Crucial Reasons for Conducting a Call Audit
  • 3 Headaches A Call Monitoring Software Would Subdue

What is a Call Monitoring Software?

If you have also been asking this question, you are at the right place to know its answer!

A call center monitoring software is a tool that enables managers to supervise customer calls in real-time. 

With this software, they can analyze their agents’ performance or use the data obtained to develop sound sales strategies. 

Besides this, a good call center quality monitoring software provides the feature of call whispering, where you can join an agent-customer call and guide the agent without being heard by the customer. 

Amazing isn’t it? There’s more!!

You can also utilize the feature of call recording for keeping a record of both outbound and inbound calls. These files can later be retrieved for research or training purposes. 

The Crucial Reasons for Conducting a Call Audit

Want to know the mantra for running a successful call center business?– Performance evaluation regularly. 

We understand that a quality audit might be a strenuous process but is critical for ensuring business continuity. 

Audit your call center applications will have several other pros, such as 

  • Discovering what’s ailing your operations 

On the top of your mind, can you guess the foremost factors ailing your business? You’d be surprised if we tell you that all those factors are associated with just two words. 

Customer experience!

As per a study, around 35% of customers want their grievances solved in a single go. So you know you have to plug all the leaks before targeting customer loyalty. 

Having a clear outlook of your company’s shortcomings can also help you to take the help of novel technical tools such as AI-powered conversation intelligence tools

  • Experiencing your services from a customer’s POV

A call audit puts you in your customer’s shoes and shows how they perceive your business. This can be pretty useful to weed out the pain points.

For example, you might use too much jargon, or the customer might have to wait too long before connecting with an agent. 

All this contributes to downgrading the customer experience and must be avoided!

Remember, you’ll understand customers’ needs only if you scrutinize their response to your service. For this, a call monitoring software can be pretty instrumental. 

  • Check employee productivity

Call center reps are a crucial part of your operations as they deal with the customers daily.

You might need to coach them in specific skills necessary for attracting customers. But how do you know which agent needs your help and precisely in what sense?

Worry not. A call center application monitoring tool solves this problem for you. 

By analyzing an agent’s behavior and customer response on the recorded call, you can obtain critical insights and convert them into training modules. 

Further, you can also understand whether your employees are satisfied based on their call performance. 

In case they are not, you can take progressive actions to mitigate their concerns. 

Believe us, call center business models are being revolutionized as you read this article, all thanks to the introduction of AI, machine learning, NLP-based solutions, etc. 

3 Headaches A Call Monitoring Software Would Subdue

  1. For Agents, 

Customer service agents stand to benefit a great deal from call quality monitoring systems. 

They can take the reins of their career growth and aim to serve each customer exceptionally well. 

As an agent, you can view insights to identify areas where your performance is lacking. By participating in coaching programs, you can hear recordings from top performers and filter what works and what doesn’t. 

In short, call monitoring software is a must-have weapon in your arsenal. 

  • For managers, 

Managers, assemble! Call center applications such as call tracking software can make your team robust, just like the Avengers( or better, maybe)!

You can aim to make feedback sessions with employees transparent and motivate them to work towards upskilling themselves. 

Call management software also comes in handy when you are designing coaching modules. The software system automatically aligns coaching opportunities for agents.

These solutions also give a reality check to your customer service methodology and help you understand whether the customer is interacting with your business or not. 

  • For the customers, 

You might have heard the saying, ‘The only thing better than a happy customer is a happier customer.’ 

This saying rings true in the current scenario where organizations lose more than $70 billion only because of poor service. 

Customers benefit the most from call monitoring software as they can be sure of receiving only high-quality assistance, which further motivates them to remain loyal to your firm. 

Just be mindful that the customer is aware of the fact that their interaction with an agent is being monitored/recorded and might be used for training or quality purposes. 

Better Use Call Monitoring Software! Speedy Customer Satisfaction for You

The best call center firms worldwide have understood the importance of call monitoring software. They are reaching out to millions of customers daily. 

Each of them gets optimum support! 

The best reason for using such tools is how seamlessly they incorporate technologies such as artificial intelligence. 

Convin is one such AI-powered conversational intelligence platform that records and analyses customer calls for valuable insights. It also allows you to provide instantaneous feedback and devise solid marketing strategies. 

A customer served is a customer empowered. Do you want to create empowered customers or watch from the sideline? Say yes and visit Convin today!!!