Zoom has emerged as a platform which has been used a lot to host as well as attend meeting during the pandemic. It is very easy to create a zoom account and anybody can do it very easily by following some very simple and easy steps which we are going to provide you so that you can sign into zoom meeting. So, let us begin with the same without any delay so that the users can access these steps and begin with the procedure. 

Steps to create an account on mobile device – 

Step 1 – The users need to download the application first and then install on the device they are using. 

Step 2 – After the application has been downloaded the users need to click on sign up button which they will find on the welcome page and then from there they need to press on sign-in button on the Zoom web portal login.

Step 3 – In this step the users are supposed to fill in the email address which they want to use for this account and followed by this the users need to fill in the full name which they use. 

Step 4 – Now, the users need to check the box of ‘I agree to the terms of service’ and once the users have done this they need to tap in sign up button. 

Step 5 – The users will see that the there is a pop up in front of them which says that a confirmation mail has been sent to the email address the users have provided. 

Step 6 – After pressing ok button the users need to open the email and then from email they are supposed to tap on the activate account which will further open a browser on the device of the users. 

Step 7 – The users now need to begin the confirmation by first confirming the account details they have filled in and followed by this the users are supposed to select a password for their account.

Step 8 – To set password the users need to type in the password twice so that it can be set but the users need to focus that they set a strong password for their account with a combination of letters, number and symbols. 

Step 9 – Once, the password has been set the users will provided with a chance where they can invite their friends on zoom to a meeting immediately and if the users are in hurry for the same they can go for it. And if not then the users can ignore or skip this step also. 

Step 10 – Now, in this step the users are supposed to move to option of go to my account and then fill in the email address as well as the password of their account and then simply press on stay signed in button.

As soon as the users will press sign in button after filling zoom login information they will be able to access their account on zoom. Using their account users can now start a meeting on zoom or they can also join a meeting on zoom whichever they want to do.