Traveling to different places in your life could certainly give you the experience and enlightenment that you cannot hope to gain by doing any other activity. The present day lifestyle demands folks to be limited to a specific place and remain tugged to work. But it would certainly be relaxing and pleasurable if you think about a trip or simply an event.

If you don’t want to step out of your city like Hyderabad, why not just find out something exciting in your own city? How about going for some Events in Hyderabad? There are plenty of events that take place in your city every week and the good news is that these events are related to diverse areas and activities. If you have never been to any such event, it is high time that you taste their pleasure of at least once. Whether you are a music lover, dance buff, literature admirer, a budding artist or have interest in any other hobby or activity; you can find different events taking place around you. Just visit them and you will not just grab enlightenment but enjoyment too.

Have a look at some of the upcoming events you can relish!

Are you ready to experience some dancing thrill in upcoming Hyderabad Salsa Festival 2017 to be held from, 1st to 3rd September? This event is organized by Furor Hyderabad. You can learn a lot through this event. Have a look at some of its activities:

  • 32 Solid Hours of concentrated Workshops
  • Three Solid Bootcamps with world class dancers
  • Four Spectacular Social Nights with the themed parties
  • Three World Class DJs whirling the best for you
  • Eleven National and International Instructors from 5 different cities
  • 5 Star Places for both parties and workshops
  • Best Social Dancer of Hyderabad: Jack & Jill Competition

This event will ensure quality, class and authenticity. You can enhance your dancing skills through this fest and can have a great time too!

Musical event

If you are a lover of music and want to enhance your knowledge and experience about the live concerts then you can check out different musical concerts taking place in your city. These concerts will give you a rich peep into the live performances of your favourite singers and performers. These musicians will leave you calm and relaxed. After a long day in office, having a musical evening or melodious weekend is what many people crave for? While you have different events getting organized around you, you must not miss them.

How about story telling activities?

You can relish a Midnight Storytelling #2 on Saturday, the 9th of September 2017 at 11:30PM. This event is organized by Tale Tellers Troupe India and the venue will be Phoenix Arena – An Art & Cultural Centre, Hyderabad.

While the entire Hyderabad will be sleeping, you can exchange and tell your exciting stories. Tales can be something that you heard from your friends or grandmother, something that you read or something that you experienced. You can share anything that is of 7 to 10 minutes. It would really be a great fun to share and listen to different stories that too at midnight, amidst rich greenery.


So, come on, just look for these types of exciting and fulfilling events and have a great time. Don’t feel bored when you have options to become a part of events.