The past year has dramatically shifted any expectations anyone might have had about interior design trends. After all, who could have predicted we would be spending so much time in our interiors? Accompanying this sudden shift is a certain amount of unpredictability in trends, particularly in the areas of fashion and design, though certain patterns are beginning to emerge as we begin to refamiliarize ourselves with socialization and the pleasures of entertaining in our homes.

Unsurprisingly, people are starting to bring more natural and organic forms and colors inside to create spaces of comfort that are full of texture. You can expect to see more soft curves replacing sleek lines and sharper angles. Loveseats are no exception. If you are looking to get ahead of this trend, or even just indulging in a bit of redecorating, consider how well thick rugs and faux-fur throws pair with the natural wood legs and soft curves of a warm-tone loveseat.

The nature of a loveseat lends itself to these design trends since they have the greatest impact in comfort-oriented spaces like the living room and bedroom. Specifically, the versatility of an accent loveseat means that it is easy to move around a room to provide a refreshing change and breathe new life into a space that may be stagnating. Online furniture retailers are the perfect place to browse for your next loveseat. Discover the full catalog of loveseats:

As a necessary consideration in any furniture purchase, the cost can be an issue when you are interested in investing in higher quality furniture that will last. Loveseats are some of the more accessible pieces, however, which makes them a perfect starter piece for new homeowners beginning to feel out their own style preferences and not quite ready to commit to a larger couch.

Of course, as with all living room furniture, it is important to consider how your loveseat will interact with your other furnishings before you leap. That said, the flexibility of being able to move a lighter piece of furniture gives you more options. You can also shift the tone of a simple loveseat easily with accessories like throw pillows or blankets, different lights, and even plants. The arrangement of your space does a lot of the work of creating its atmosphere, but you must have the building blocks to be able to construct it. The loveseat is a flexible, forgiving block.

Perhaps you are not quite ready to commit to a loveseat, at least not yet. Feel out the path of these emerging trends, but keep in mind that this is a perfect time to overhaul your décor. Working from home comes with a certain measure of flexibility to not only familiarize yourself with the demands and potential areas for improvement in each room of your home but also to receive those free deliveries of oversized furniture. For anyone already spending a significant amount of time at home, redesign can be a way of cleansing and revitalizing your relationship with your interior spaces and rediscovering your love for your home again.