Some of the various domains of knowledge can be identified as discovery, arts, politics, games, film, culture, history, medicine, etc. But the main branches of knowledge are as follows:

  • Fashion
  • Current affairs
  • Family
  • Recreation and physical health
  • Science
  • Arts

General knowledge is a crucial part of our daily life. It is important to know what all things are happening around us in general. You must have the basic knowledge about every aspect to be open to communicate and discuss things confidently. Therefore, children must also have basic knowledge about their surroundings as it greatly affects their socializing skills. There are many sources to gain knowledge about different fields but the Covid-19 crisis has constrained physical classes. Yellow class is an online kids class that allows them to learn and grow. Online Free Hobby Classes for Kids | Yellow Class offers various other free online hobby courses specially designed for children. Kids with good knowledge about various aspects can make a mark in society and also grow as a people. Some of the advantages of gaining general knowledge for kids are as follows:

  • Helps in securing better grades- The online GK class enhances the knowledge the academic knowledge of the kids. It also helps children to take part in several academic quizzes and debate competitions. Thus, having an overall good knowledge about the world helps in attaining good grades.
  • Conversing becomes interesting- It is always an enlightening experience to talk with people who have good knowledge about multiple fields. Kids having good knowledge can hold conversations with their friends, classmates, acquaintances, or family. There is no limit to gaining knowledge and children must keep on exploring and learning new things in life. This will help them make an impact in society. 
  • Better decision makers- Knowing many facts and news about the world helps in building the personality and intellectual level of a kid. Thus, they grow up to be better decision-makers because of their knowledge. It also helps them to keep their minds open and therefore absorb as much knowledge as possible. GK helps kids to realize their future goals and hence work hard towards them.
  • Better bonding with parents- Sharing facts and general knowledge with parents helps in strengthening their bonds. It also promotes effective interaction between different cultures. 
  • Helps in enhancing public skills- Kids having good knowledge become better speakers. GK helps in the development of the brain and critical thinking. It also helps in polishing the public skills of children. 
GK Classes and Quizzes

Thus, the online GK class offered by Online Free Hobby Classes for Kids | Yellow Class has several online hobby classes that help in personality building. Every parent must opt for hobbies to do online that boost the mind and body of the children.