Experience and education go hand in hand and weigh equally in shaping up your career. The way you navigate all the choices and move forward is how you determine your career path. An MBA is an important degree and although most students have their various choices. For this reason, a GMAT exam holds very precious values and is key to a good MBA college. Before moving on to the GMAT Exam Pattern, let’s understand why GMAT is important and how it helps in pursuing management programs.

Exam Schedule:

Each section has a specified time in which every section with its number of questions, is to be attempted. There is a choice for a break in between the three and a half hours. Two breaks are offered which are based on the choice of the candidate.

The number of questions and the time limit in which they need to be attempted are as follows:

1.Integrated reasoning:

This part needs to be answered in 30 mins exactly. There are 12 questions in total. The questions asked in the section are around the following topics:

A.Table Analysis

B.Multi-source reasoning

C.Two-part Analysis

D.Graphics Interpretation

2.Analytical Writing Assessment:

This section too needs to be attempted in 30 mins, even though there is only one question that needs to be attempted. This was recently introduced, as opposed to two questions in this section. The essay can be of the following types:

Argument Essay

Issue Essay

3.Verbal Reasoning:

This part has 36 questions that need to be attempted in the time frame of 65 mins, which is 1 hour and 5 mins. Topics covered under this section include:

Critical Reasoning

Sentence Correction

Reading Comprehension

Subject-verb Argument

Error and Omissions

4.Quantitative Reasoning:

This section needs to be completed in 62 mins, by answering 31 questions in total. The major topics for this section are:

Data Sufficiency


Elementary Algebra


Problem Solving

Ratio Proportions

Properties of Integers

Permutation and combinations

Exponents and roots

Linear equation

5.Score Evaluation:

In the GMAT Exam Pattern, scores lie in a range of 1-8. This is a section that is introduced in GMAT as a different data point for all those top business schools to consider the application form of the candidates. Scoring in each section will not bring any change to the other sections of GMAT- Quantitative, AWA, Verbal, and Total. The score of each section will be given to the test taker as unofficial score reports immediately after completing the exam. In the official score reports, examiners get a percentile of Integrated Reasoning score.

Each year over 2lakhs test takers register for GMAT. We should have a clear overview of the exam pattern of GMAT. There are four defined sections in this exam.GMAT examination is sure to decide the next course of your life. How well you understand the GMAT Paper Pattern and how you write the examination on D-day, is what will take you closer to your dreams. Make sure that you prepare yourself briefly before attending GMAT.