Men have traditionally worn leather and metal wristbands as amulets and charms to ward against danger, and in certain societies, these decorations have religious connotations.

No one can deny that men’s bracelets, now the most popular type of male jewellery, are worn primarily to make a fashion statement. When putting together a well-dressed ensemble, guys are increasingly gravitating toward gorgeous metal and gemstone bracelets.

This season, the jewellery market can take advantage of the increased interest among men in wearing fashionable baubles to come up with fresh ideas for men’s bracelet designs.

We’ve picked out our favourite men’s bracelet designs:

Men’s Bracelet in Double Tone

Men’s jewellery designers are flocking to the two-toned look, which is characterised by a bracelet with two types of links, each with a distinct hue. Go for it if you can’t pick between two of your favourite metals and want the best of both worlds.

The men’s bracelet designs ooze whimsical charm and add colour to your simple outfit choices, making it ideal for an outgoing male who thrives on attention. Often, gemstones are put to this pattern to give oomph.

Bracelets with Gemstones

The gemstone-studded men’s bracelets go around your wrist to show the most colour, brilliance, and sparkle. These wonders are created for multi-coloured jewel lovers. If you are going for a customised piece, you have complete control over the level of bling to fit your taste.

 Men’s bracelet designs festooned with gems are a meaningful gift for a loved one, representing eternal love, friendship, devotion, and wisdom. If you have a partner, get matching “His” and “Hers” gemstone bracelets to make people swoon. Your significant half can take things to the next level by wearing a bejewelled choker necklace around her neck. From antique pieces to contemporary ones, we have something for everyone.

Men’s Cuban Link Bracelet

Cuban links are round or oval in shape but have the outside edges rounded somewhat so that you can include stunning jewels or meaningful writing into the design if you want. They’re known as Gourmet links since they’re a swankier variant of the standard link chain.

They are the most renowned men’s bracelet designs worldwide because of their hefty, bold, trendy look. Make your links as big as you like! There is no restriction to the link width.

It’s a great bracelet for men who adore their metals and jewels but want a more rugged, manly look in their jewellery.

Diamond Bracelets for Men

Although guys can get away with plain yellow or white gold bracelets, diamond bracelets are a must-have if you’re a fashionable and self-assured man trying to make a fashion statement.

These men’s bracelet designs are dramatic and show that the wearer is well-versed in jewellery and not just wearing it for the sake of wearing it. In addition to formal dress, you can pair them with jeans and a round-neck sweater for a more relaxed night out.

A diamond’s unrivalled iridescent glitter illuminates your face and can elevate even the most basic outfits to refined elegance. When it comes to weddings, diamond-studded jewellery has become a staple. While a diamond bracelet can be the go-to piece for the groom, the bride indulges in wearing these precious stones head to toe. Choker necklace sets in diamonds topped the leaderboard here. Wear it with a plunging neck gown or a sari; an up-done hairdo, the neck adornment will draw attention and make you the centre of attention. 

A diamond choker necklace has something for every bride because it’s a great fit and makes the neck appear longer and sleeker. Be it a minimalistic design or a bold pattern; this bauble is an excellent illustration of a trend we wish to hang onto for the foreseeable future.

The latest men’s bracelet designs are constantly changing. Remember, anything which is in trend tends to become outdated faster. The fact that a piece of jewellery is as useless as an obsolete item is another reason it ends up in a locker. As a result, getting your favourite jewellery from reputable jewellers is always advisable to reduce the loss of money through an exchange or upgrading.

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