Submersible pumps are a flexible and powerful form of tool that can be used to drain liquids (sewage, water and sludge) as well as solids from an area. However, these pumps come in a wide range of different formats. This means that you need to choose a format that is suitable for your situation to ensure the safety and efficiency of the pump. Here are some types of pumps in Australia that fall under the submersible category of pumps.

Guide rail mounted

The guide rail mounted pump is used where you require permanent pumping. The pump is installed on a guide rail mounting

Portable or free-standing units

Freestanding pumps are ideal for DIY and for building purposes. These types of pumps are free from permanent guide rails and they can be installed when you want to use them temporarily.

Flexible drive pump

These types of pumps are very popular pumps in Australia at the moment. Flexible drive pumps are powered by a flexible shaft drive unit. There is no better way you can drain footings before the concrete can go in. flexible drive pumps are the perfect pumps for a variety of jobs in construction and agriculture applications. They can also be used for tanks, manholes, footings, pool excavations, drainage, waste transfer and many other uses.

Puddle pumps

These types of pumps are suitable for removing those last bits of water residue. Puddle pumps can pump down to as slow as a depth of 1mm. these types of pumps are great for flood damage and drainage.

Top benefits of using petrol or diesel driven pumps

Submersible pumps in Australia that are petrol or diesel driven have a collection of advantages including the following:

  • No need for a source of electricity since the pumps only require diesel or petrol.
  • No motor. This means that pumps that are diesel or petrol-driven are incredibly low maintenance.
  • Pumps that are powered by diesel or petrol accept a standard hose.
  • Diesel or petrol powered pumps are very reliable. They can be left unattended for a long period of time. This makes them ideal if you don’t have time and money for regular maintenance.

When to use submersible types of pumps

These types of pumps are very flexible and can be used for different projects. They can be used for drainage, to pump sewage, slurry and even solids. If you have a construction project where you want to drain the foundations and create an optimal environment then you would need these pumps. You can also use them for draining a flooded basement.

How to use submersible types of pumps

When using submersible pumps in Australia, you should choose the outfall area. Choose a suitable place where you will pump the liquid to, such as a sewage system, a drain pipe or a grassy verge. Connect a hose to the pump and follow this by plugging the extension cord which you would then connect to your source of power. Start by pumping from the lowest point. Run the pump into the part of the water that is deepest.