The student has to wait 25 days during which his study visa is processed.

Germany is getting so much famous as far as its education is concerned. The reason is the free education in the country. Apart from that, you can get the, right quality of education. This study  visa is granted for a time of 3 months after which the candidate can get the residence visa to continue with his studies. The fee for the study visa of Germany is 60 Euros. The students should know that prior to gaining admission in the university, they should have provided their IELTS score.

Once the student has come into Germany on his study visa, he then needs to get the residence permit for studies and the student visa once he is here. This residence permit only exists for 2 years.  A student can get this permit once he has already arrived in Germany. The cost for the first application of this permit is 110 Euros after which an extension if required requires a fee of 80 Euros.

Requirement for the 3-month study visa

The students should know that to get the German study permit, they need to show what the evidence is that they have acquired admission to a German university.  The candidate has to apply with the university admission letter which has been granted to him for his residence permit. In the German language, this admission letter is known as Studienkolleg Admission Letter.

Requirement for the residence permit

The residence permit can be gained from the Alien Registration Office which is situated in Germany. You need to go there once you have come to Germany and get your Residence Permit which is also known as Aufenthaltsgenehmigung. To get this permit the foremost requirement is that the student should already have found a place to live in this country. Once this place is found, the student should then go and register with the Resident Registration Office. Once he gets the document which is known as “confirmation of registration”, it’s quite simple for him to get the German residence permit from the Alien Registration Office. As far as the processing time for the residence permit is concerned, it’s 2-3 weeks after application.

The student needs to take to the ARO, his passport, the health insurance cover, and the confirmation of enrolment which is granted after the fees of a German university has been paid by him. The students also need a valid health insurance which is required for his residence in this country. If he does not have this insurance, he won’t be granted the study visa for Germany. The candidate once his, residence permit is given to him, is informed about the ARO about the same and he should collect it from this place. This residence permit can take at least a month in getting granted to the candidate.

The student also has the right kind of funds with him for taking care of his outflows in Germany. These funds should be nothing short of, 8,700 Euro for every single year he has to stay in this country. The funds can be shown in a blocked account which implies that you can only access these funds once you in this country. The student can then easily pursue his course in Germany without any problem.

The students benefit from choosing Germany as the destination of study. First of all, the student can work along with the tenure of their course. This kind of work can be done for 120 days a year.

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