Armstrong’s warehouse control system is vendor-agnostic and holds all substantial approach technologies. Thus it constitutes a single data point and data amongst MHE, WCS and WMS, and implements centralised administration and control. It also guarantees continued supply flow if unique methods fail. Capabilities include:

  • Management of all current merchants and conveyor and storage technology standards, such as shuttle systems, high bay warehouses, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), etc.
  • End-to-end visibility of the automation chain allows tracking of the material flow and barcodes into the system.
  • Support for all current workflows: basic automation, hybrid automation-workforce configurations, and complex fully automated processes.
  • Constraint-based algorithms allow optimisation procedures such as dynamically choosing the optimal transportation route or interleaving and setting material routing in case of equipment failures.
  • Offline emulation mode to simulate automation situations in a non-production case.
  • Database-driven architecture, which permits excellent scalability to support the exponential extension of activities.
  • Intuitive, graphical dashboards visualise data and render actionable penetrations to enhance material flow and material ROI continuously.

Why does Armstrong Deliver the Best Services?

Armstrong’s warehouse control system has been available for decades – nearly as long as automation has been employed in warehouses and distribution centres. We have continuously developed the WCS with different functionality to build a vendor-agnostic, best-of-breed software resolution. Our experience spreads exceeding the software and includes implementation assistance to customise the solution to your setting. Armstrong’s team will partner with the operators to assist you in unifying your automation systems’ management and maximising its ROI.

Today many companies are spending on innovative warehouse control systems to improve their business performance and productivity. It helps to streamline your sales process and maximise time utilisation by decreasing cost and enhancing efficiency. Armstrong is one such warehouse automation solution allowing high-end inbound and outbound sorting and storage methods, facilitating 100% visibility productivity. We use innovative technology, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning intelligence to make your processes quicker and more affordable.

Why Should You Implement An Intelligent Warehouse Management System in Your Business?

To deliver a profitable business leader with the growing demand, it is necessary to perform intelligent technologies. The thoughtful process does change not only the functionality of supply chain control but also increases warehouse richness.

  1. a) Innovation automated vehicle technology serves to determine the shortest route for product delivery, shielding your time and fuel costs. It is a very challenging job to maintain track of every phase of the supply chain system. Still, it is easy for the administrators to follow the location of goods transportation and vehicle speed with the connected platform.
  2. b) Associated with the manual method, an intelligent warehouse control system checks goods loss and tampering. One-third of the results get destroyed during the transit to delivery. But smart technologies automatically track and set the heat, moisture, or any other surface elements that impede the assets during transportation or shipment.
  3. c) Smart technologies guarantee product safety by writing about the position of goods. In case of any theft, it automatically informs the administrators for product retrieval. Thanks to the electronic sensor technologies that prevent your assets from any theft or damage.