London is a city that has a diverse population with people from all over the world including India. It is a place which not only houses many Indians but also sees a huge inflow of Indian tourists every year. London has a lot to offer to Indians in terms of history, culture and cuisine and there are several delightful places that the Indians love to visit. One such place is the Hatton Garden Street in the Holborn district of London which is known for its diamond jewellery business. This commercial street of Hatton Garden attracts a lot of customers worldwide, but the major reasons it attracts Indians are listed below.

Excellent jewellery stores

Indians are very serious about their jewellery because it is deeply connected to their culture. In major festivals like Diwali and during Indian wedding ceremonies buying and exchanging jewellery is a custom and considered to be a sign of prosperity and good luck. With Hatton Garden Street offering so many jewellery stores to shop from, it is just the right place for the Indians to be especially during festivals. Jewellery made of gold, platinum jewellery, diamond earrings, necklace and diamond engagement rings Hatton Garden are available in spectacular designs and therefore offer a delightful shopping experience for Indians.


The Hatton Garden Street has skilled craftsmen who are expert in handling jewellery apart from the usual jewellery outlets. This is an advantage because everyone, and not just Indians, is usually looking for a unique piece of jewellery. The only way you can ensure that the jewellery that you buy is unique is to customize it. Hatton Garden has no dearth of jewellery makers, and hence this is the best place to shop for unique jewellery items.

Food and Entertainment

Although Hatton Garden is known for its diamond jewellery, there are several cool cafes and restaurants in the vicinity which provide refreshments to its customers. Additionally, there are several entertainment avenues scattered across the street. This makes Hatton Garden a convenient shopping destination which has something to offer to everyone.

Diverse Businesses

The places in and around Hatton Garden are also shopping destinations. Places like Leather Lane market are very close to Hatton Garden and offer several dining opportunities to the locals and tourists alike. Several outlets selling clothing and furniture are also available in the same area making Hatton Garden a one stop convenient shopping destination for all your needs.

Attractive Jewellery prices

When it comes to shopping, everyone like a good deal including Indians. Hatton Garden has many jewellery stores which makes it imperative for them to survive the tough competition. Hatton Garden diamonds are available as lab grown or natural and it’s possible to find the same design in a number of shops. Hence, to make sale, they are offered at attractive discounts to its customers. Therefore, shopping at Hatton Garden is a delight not just for Indians but for anyone because of its wide variety and attractive prices.