There are thousands of students out there who participate in the spelling bee exam from all over the world. Middle school students spell some challenging words in this quiz that has been going on for lots of years. There are regional as well as national spelling bee quizzes held in different parts of the world. Students who ace the quizzes receive lots of amazing prizes, including cash, scholarships, laptops, and more. 

However, when it comes to preparing yourself for the exam, that is not an easy job at all. People opt for Spellzone, different books, and other study material to prepare. Moreover, successful spellers out there have come up with some incredible tips that can help one win the top prize in the spelling bee. Have a look at them down below. 

  • Don’t Skip A Single Day To Prepare

One thing you need to focus on is to study each and every day. Preparing for the exam is not an easy job. It will take you up to weeks as you need to familiarize yourself with lots of different words out there. Moreover, it is possible that the organizers of the quiz may provide you with a word list that you need to learn from. That will be easy for you; however, this is not always the case. You need to find a range of different words out there on your own. Look up on the internet for the words that are mostly used in spelling bees. Find them for different grades and start learning them. Moreover, another thing you need to do is to understand the pattern of spelling in different kinds of words. You should definitely opt for a dictionary to determine different spellings as well.

Completing all of this right before the quiz is next to impossible. Moreover, if you take several gaps to prepare, it is possible that you forget the thing you previously learned while preparing for the exam. Consistency is key to success, so make sure to study every day! 

  • Practice With Your Friends 

Another thing you need to do is to practice with your friends. Prepare yourself for the quiz, and then ask some of your friends or family to look up some tricky words and ask their spellings. Moreover, since you are given a specific time to spell the word in the actual quiz, you need to practice the same way here. Look up for different spelling bee videos out there and check out how things work, the different rounds, and more. Then, start practicing accordingly with your friends and family. This will result in being quite beneficial for you. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t skip on that!  

Moreover, there are several games out there that are great for your spelling skills. These include Scrabble, Pictionary, Words, and much more. You can even lookup for different online games that you can either play on your own or with your friends. However, whenever you are practicing, make sure there is a friend who is there to pronounce different words for you. 

  • Flashcards Can Do Wonders 

Did you know the 2012 National Spelling Bee winner used more than 30,000 flash cards to memorize spellings of different words? You must organize your studying so that if you spell a word wrong, you can correct yourself. This is due to the fact that the pronunciation of a word matters a lot. For instance, the word jalapeño is pronounced with the sound of ‘h’ in the very beginning. You can easily make a mistake while spelling a word like this; however, this is where flashcards can be quite helpful. 

  • Draw On Your Hand 

Another thing you should consider doing is to draw the letters on your hand with your finger. Trace them out, and you’ll remember how the word must be spelled out. This is a trick that many spellers out there opt for and find helpful. Not to add, this is one of the best ways to recall different letters. 

  • Stay Confident

In a spelling bee, you’ll have to face lots of people. There are judges, competitors, the audience, teachers, and more. Many people who are well-prepped for the quiz end up experiencing stage fright. They are unable to answer questions this way and end up losing. However, you must overcome this and stay confident. Tell yourself that you can do it and there is nothing to worry about. Once you get rid of stage fright, you won’t face any issues. 


Wrapping It Up

Here were a couple of tips and tricks to ace your spelling bee quiz. Make sure to prep well. Go to to prepare for the exam and get your hands on other study material as well. Just stay confident, and you will definitely end up winning the first prize!