If you wish to study in Australia, then you must obtain the Australian visa subclass 500 successfully. To procure this visa smoothly, you must meet the pertinent requirements of the student visa subclass 500. The Australian Immigration Department requires you to meet these criteria imperatively.

These pre-requisites conventionally include meeting the financial criteria, GTE requirement, and English language requirement, etc. So, the following is a comprehensive checklist of the student visa subclass 500 including its pertinent requirements and costs.

Required Documents of the Student Visa 500

There are certain documents that you must upload on your immigration account indispensably while applying for your student visa 500. A complete student visa 500 checklist including these documents has been outlined below.

  • Four passport-sized photos
  • A substantial health certificate
  • The results your English language competency test
  • A valid certificate of your character issued by the Police
  • Evidence of your health insurance cover
  • Documents that substantiate that you have financial assets to afford your entire stay in Australia.
  • Your valid offer letter or confirmation of enrolment (CoE)
  • A copy of your passport bio-data page
  • The main fees for your visa application and
  • An application for your student visa which is has been prepared and lodged in the proper and expected way.

While complying with these criteria make sure that you’re doing everything flawlessly. Otherwise, although inadvertent, some unwanted mistakes might lead to the cancellation of your visa subclass 500.

Notable Conditions and Protocols of the Student Visa 500

There are several conditions and rules which are encompassing the student visa subclass 500 in Australia.  Here are some prominent rules and conditions which every applicant of the student visa must consider unfailingly.

  • The duration of your stay in Australia will vary according to the length and type of your chosen course.
  • You can stay in Australia with this visa primarily as a student. Alternatively, you can stay as a dependant or guardian of the student with the student visa 500 as well.
  • This visa also offers optimal travel rights as long as it remains valid. According to these rights, you can travel to and from Australia during this time-frame for several times.
  • This visa offers you optimal work rights too. According to these rights, you can work in Australia for 40 hours every fortnight.
  • You can also apply for a permanent or temporary visa later on only if you’re considered eligible.
  • With this visa, you can stay in Australia for a longer period. To serve this purpose effectively, you must apply for another student visa.

Remember, to qualify for this visa you must show adequate financial assets to the Department of Home Affairs. According to this criterion, the annual income of your family should be AU$60,000 or more.

Compliance with crucial requirements 

To get your Student visa Adelaide approved by the DoHA, you must ensure that its application is entirely error-free. You can easily complete this task by meeting the following requirements impeccably.

  • You must meet the pertinent financial requirements.
  • You have to meet the character requirements
  • Make sure you’ve met the health requirements
  • As an applicant you also need to meet the pertinent English language requirements.
  • You must also acknowledge the Student Values Statement as part of your visa application procedure.
  • You should not have a previous record of your previous Australian visa being cancelled or refused
  • You should have repaid all your debts to the Australian government and
  • Both you and your family members must hold a valid health insurance in order to enter Australia without any impediments.

The Department of Home Affairs will ascertain whether you’ve met all the criteria stated above. If they’re completely satisfied with the verdict, then your visa will get approved within a few days.

Student Visa 500 Fees

The main application fees of the visa subclass 500 is AU$575 unless an exemption applies. Aside that, each family member who is applying with you must pay the same amount of fees. There are also a few assessments for which you must pay certain costs. These primarily include biometrics, police verification and health check-up etc.

Processing time of the student visa subclass 500

The processing time of the student visa 500 varies greatly according to your chosen study sector. The pertinent processing time for each of these sectors can be considered below.

  • Higher Education sector- 42 to 48 days
  • Vocational Education and Training sector-45 to 56 days
  • Independent ELICOS sector-23 to 46 days
  • Schools sector-35 to 64 days
  • Non-award sector-7 to 22 days
  • Postgraduate Research sector-varies between 51 to 86 days and
  • Defense or foreign affairs sector-varies between 16 to 90 days

You have to be careful about the fact that no unexpected delays occur pertaining to your student visa 500. So, make sure that you submit a flawless visa application. Besides, also attach all the necessary documents along with. The processing time of your student visa can be lengthened somewhat due to the verification process of the student visa 500.

Some important facts about the student visa 500

So, before you apply for your student visa 500, why not getting familiar with a couple of facts more about it? A checklist comprising these notable facts can be considered below.

  • The student visa subclass 500 is a temporary visa
  • Your length of your stay will depend on the duration and type of your course
  • Students enrolled between the years of 1 to 4 can stay in Australia with this visa for not more than two years.
  • You must mention about your family members even if they are not accompanying you all the way to Australia.
  • You must include your family members while applying for your student visa 500
  • Your family members can apply along with you as subsequent entrants. While doing so they must meet the same requirements including the character and health requirements.

To ensure that the application of your visa takes place smoothly, you must contact the best migration agent Adelaide immediately. Your migration agent has the knowledge and expertise about Australian immigration and its various aspects. A migration agent Adelaide will give you the choicest advices while your visa is being processed. At the end, your Adelaide immigration agent will ensure a smooth and hassle-free visa application for you.