How to Draw Baby Yoda. The Star Wars series has been responsible for many iconic characters in all media. Across all movies, TV shows, video games, and books, countless characters have become household names. One of the most recent examples would be Baby Yoda from the television show The Mandalorian.

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Although Baby Yoda isn’t his name on the show, fans affectionately call him because he looks like Yoda from the movies. Learning to draw Baby Yoda is a great way to show your love for this adorable character! By the end of this tutorial, you will know everything you need to know about drawing this little guy.

How to Draw Baby Yoda

Step 1

In this first step of our tutorial on how to draw Baby Yoda, we’ll start by outlining the head and eyes of this character. Let’s start with the eyes first. You can draw some rounded lines for the eyes, and they have pointed tips on the corners. So let’s start with the outline of the head. You can use a reasonably solid but slightly irregular line at the top of his head.

The bottom is lined with smaller jagged connecting lines, and the central bump acts as a chin. Finally, we will draw his big ears. These are long and pointed and have a slightly jagged line for the top of the ears and similar jagged lines for the bottom half. Once those outlines are all drawn, we’re ready for step 2!

Step 2

For the second part of your Baby Yoda drawing, we’ll draw some details of the face along with the collar of her clothes. First, we will remove some circular shapes within the contours of her eyes. These will serve as her pupils, and you can also draw some curved lines above her eyes for her brows. Next are some simple nose and mouth strips to complement her beautiful facial expression. With the face removed, you can then draw some shapes inside the ear contours for the inner ear sections.

Step 3

The next few steps in this guide to drawing Baby Yoda will focus on removing her body and the clothes she is wearing. For now, let’s draw some slightly wavy vertical lines. Her clothing consists of one piece of fabric that covers her entire body, so these fold lines are pretty long. The areas his arms go to now will be left blank, and we’ll pull his sleeves in reasonably soon.

Step 4

Continuing with Baby Yoda’s design, we will be adding her sleeves. These sleeves are relatively short and thick and can be drawn with a few slightly jagged lines to make them look like they are made of fabric.

They also have a relatively thick rounded edge on the ends of each. Finally, he pulled his pointed fingers with long nails at the ends sticking out of the sleeves. In the next step of the guide, we then focus on some of the final details that complement this presentation.

Step 5

This picture already looks great, and in this step of our tutorial on how to draw Baby Yoda, we will make it even better with a few minor details! First, we’ll add some curved lines to the inside of her clothes as they will make her look more wrinkled. Despite its childlike appearance, it is still quite wrinkled, and we will depict that too.

Draw Baby YodaYou can do this by drawing smaller curved lines on his forehead between his eyes, and once you’ve removed them, you’re ready for the final step! You can also add some aspects of your own before proceeding. One idea might be to design background to show your favourite Baby Yoda moment. What else can you think of to end it?

Step 6

You are now ready to complete your Baby Yoda drawing with some paints! In our reference image, we used lighter shades of green for her skin, while we used a combination of greens and browns for her clothing.

Baby Yoda Drawing

These colours help create an accurate portrait of her looks on the show, but feel free to use other colours of your choosing! What colours and artistic media would go with this adorable image of Baby Yoda?

Your Baby Yoda Drawing Is Finished!

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