Football is a sport of open grounds with teammates and opponents, amidst the audience. But, the current pandemic situation has changed almost everything. And, all of us have to adjust to the new normal. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with your training sessions. Yes, you are not allowed to go outside and play, what you used to do before.

However, you can turn your home into a mini-gym and practise your fitness exercises and football skills. Sitting idle during lockdown would hamper your progress. Let’s stand up and engage yourself with the following training sessions. And, you can improve your football and fitness strategies, as well as get an immune-boost

  • Start with Workout

Focus on a full-body workout to nurture your entire body efficiency. Such a workout session is really effective for the upper portion, core and leg. Every renowned footballer around the globe has kept themselves busy with a full-body workout routine, that too at home. Well, what can you include in the workout regime? Here are a few options that can go with

  • Squats and squat jumps
  • Lunges
  • Shoulder press
  • Box jumps
  • Plank
  • Box set-up
  • Push-ups
  • Standing band row

Now, according to your specificity and requirements, you can change or modify the timing or exercise preferences. Moreover, you can take the help of a recognized fitness app or a fitness trainer to cope up with all the necessary exercises

  • Try Cycling or Running

Do you own a bike? Then, you need not freak about your fitness goals. When you want to mark yourself safe from infection, as well as continue the training, cycling is one of the best options available to athletes. Keep cycling in your lawn, or if you have a stationary bike, then it’s better to keep paddling your feet on the bike at your home.

On the other hand, if you can afford to go outside, then wear a mask and set off for a long-running session. Running keeps your core and lower muscles engaged. Otherwise, you can safely run on the treadmill in your house, in case you have one. Maintain the fitness level of your legs and their muscles because football is all about footwork and dribbling drills. 

  • Practise Shooting

The achievement of football is to shoot the goal with the right precision and time management. When you can’t avail training session in Football Academy Dubai, months of break can divert your mind from your best records of shooting. So, you have to consistently practise shooting or free-kicks, so that your performance never upset your team, coach and moreover, yourself.

However, to shoot without any worry, you have to manage a spacious garden or lawn. You can even create your own targets for practice. And, ask for help from your family member to pass the ball to you. Or, you can ask one of your friends to help you pass the ball. But, remember to keep the recommended social distance parameters.

  • Include Drill Skill Training

Most probably, you have the football training tools, especially for practising the drills. Bring out your football and all the tools you have, and dive into a hardcore drill skill practice. Consistent drilling practices would enhance your speed and dribbling power at the time of crucial matches. These are some unskippable and basic drill skill for every footballer:

  • Fast feet
  • Triangles
  • Inside-outside
  • Drag-push
  • Double taps
  • Squeeze-push
  • Body triangles
  • Juggles
  • Drag stop
  • Invest in Online Instructors

If you don’t want to miss out a single chance with training, as the important league is arriving soon, then you need to rely on the internet. There are countless globally-renowned fitness trainers, specialized for the sport, football. And, you can join any one of them for a beneficial training session in one to one ratio.

Such instructors would train and direct you gradually with basic steps. And, there is no doubt that you are on the right track on your physical fitness. Don’t skip any video conference or tips from them.

Render Inspiration from your Favourite Footballers…

If you think that you are lagging behind, get up and motivate yourself. Follow your football icons on their social media handles. And, discover how they are maintaining their fitness levels during such a tough time. Undoubtedly, you would get some incredible ideas from your star football players. Overall, don’t give up and keep practising your football skills at home.