Mulch is very much important for the garden because it helps to stop soil erosion and maintain moisture levels in the ground. Also, it will help to stop the growth of weeds, protect your plants from insects and pests, and maintain the even temperature of your garden. If you love to DIY, then you can prepare weed at home.


You just need organic repurposing matter in the yard such as wood chips or leaves to create the mulch for your garden. You can make your mulch by collecting and repurposing organic matter found in your yard, including leaves, grass clippings, and branches.


1.Chop Up Tree Branches and Barks


Wood chips from a perfect mulch for your garden because wood is an organic matter and you can easily access it from your yard. You should go around your home and collect some fallen branches, tree trimming, and fallen barks. You should wear your safety gloves and glasses to start the chipping process. You should convert the collected items into chips.


You can use the wood chips alone as much or combine them with leaf mulch. You can take the help of professionals such as tree chipping Sydney contractors to create the wood chip mulch.

It is recommended that you should add grass clippings to your wooden mulch. The grass clippings make a perfect addition to the wood mulch.


But the grass clippings are not very effective when they are used alone. Once you have mowed the lawn, then you should consider collecting the grass clippings. You should use the pitchfork to mix the grass clipping with wood chips. Once you have mixed the mulch, then you should consider adding it to your bag.


2.Rake Up Pine Needles


Just like the grass clipping, the fallen pine needles can also be mixed with the wood chips. The wood much mixed with the pine mulch is perfect for acid-loving plants. You should rake the pine needles from your yard and mix them with another type of mulch with the help of a shovel.


3.Shredded Paper


You should collect newspapers and other types of paper from the house. It is possible to use shredded paper as mulch. You have to cut the paper into pieces with the help of a shredder and scissors. After that, you should combine the paper shred with leaf mulch or wood mulch. When you combine paper with wood mulch, then it becomes very much effective.


Tips To Use Mulch in Garden:


  1. a) Mulch During Summer and Winter


During the summer season, mulch will help in improving the growth of your garden. It will help in retaining the good moisture level in the soil. Consequently, mulch will help in keeping roots cool. During the winter season, mulch can help in protecting the plants from snow and frost. Also Read Pest Control London


Also, it helps to keep the soil warm. Over time, mulch will start decaying and you should replace it with new mulch during the winter season. Ideally, the summer season mulch consists of a leaf mulch mixture. On the other hand, the winter mulch includes pine needles, wood chips, and straw mixture.


  1. b) Get Rid of Old Winter Mulch


During the spring season, we have to revamp the garden after the disastrous winter season. You should get rid of winter mulch to protect your garden during the winter season. It is recommended that you should add mulch to the compost pile. The winter mulches will not start decomposing quickly, unlike the summer season. Therefore, you should remove the winter mulch so that you can replace it with nutrient-rich soil.


  1. c) Pull Out Weeds


Before you will start adding mulch in the garden, make sure you properly remove the weed you’re your garden. Otherwise, mulch will not just maintain the moisture in your soil, but it will also help in protecting weeds and let them grow. When weeds will grow, then there will be unwanted competition between trees and weeds.


  1. d) Add Huge Amount of Mulch to The Garden


You should apply the mulch when you have completed the planting process in your garden during the spring season. You should use a shovel to spread mulch all around in the garden. It is recommended that you should spread 2 to 6 inches of mulch all around. You should follow the following tips whole spreading the mulch:


  • Apply two to three inches of mulch in a shady area.
  • Apply three to four inches of mulch in a sunny area.
  • Apply approximately 6 inches of mulch in extremely hot and sunny regions.


  1. e) Pull Mulch Away from Base


Once you have spread mulch all around then it is recommended that you should properly spread mulch all over the garden. You can spread mulch with the help of hands or spade. It is very much important in shady regions. If you fail to spread the mulch properly, then it will attract pests, insects, and molds. We recommend you for Rat control London for removing pest from your Garden